Page 1795 - Week 05 - Thursday, 2 April 2009

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Indeed, when we go back to the decision to do that and the debate that was had in this Assembly—and I note the bill was introduced and, I think, passed within five days, unlike any bill that is able to be passed now—Mr Humphries, Mr Quinlan and Ms Tucker all spoke about the importance of having rigorous data and that the monthly reports, as they were being prepared, really did not provide the level of information that members were after.

Mr Seselja: You don’t want to get it wrong then.

MS GALLAGHER: It was difficult to apologise yesterday but I did, unlike the opposition. There are a couple of them that sometimes come in and correct the record. It was difficult, but I have done it. I have moved on from that moment. I hope I never have to repeat it, I must say. It is not something that a minister would like to do but it is the right thing to do. We have done that.

The operating result is provided, under legislation, through the mechanisms that I have discussed. We are not changing that position. The opposition—and I know they are drooling with excitement over this—will be given all the information, up to date, as it exists on 5 May.

Planning—Woden master plan

MS LE COUTEUR: My question is to the Minister for Planning and concerns the Woden master plan.

Members interjecting—

Mr Stanhope: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: I honestly cannot hear the question as a result of the constant interjections.

MR SPEAKER: Ms Le Couteur, can you start the question again.

MS LE COUTEUR: My question is to the Minister for Planning and concerns the Woden master plan. Minister, the previous Minister for Planning, Mr Corbell, approved the Woden master plan. However, this plan was never gazetted by ACTPLA and there have been subsequent changes to the territory plan which are inconsistent with the master plan. Minister, why was the master plan not gazetted?

MR BARR: This was, of course, well before my time in the Assembly, but my understanding of this matter is that the previous legislation and the previous territory plan, as I referred to on Tuesday in my ministerial statement, had around 87 other documents that had different levels of status.

In moving to the new territory plan, significant elements of the Woden master plan were incorporated into the new territory plan. There have been, of course, subsequent territory plan variations, including one that was particularly topical in this place, where Mr Seselja supported one position in the committee and then changed his mind on the floor of the Assembly during the debate. So there certainly has been fluidity

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