Page 987 - Week 03 - Wednesday, 25 February 2009

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very specific purpose which, again, we see the opposition deriding and making fun of. To which apprentice do you want to say, “Well, that wasn’t worth it; it wasn’t going to stimulate the economy so it’s best that we do nothing”? And that is what we can see from the opposition—just a “do nothing” approach, with no ideas, no courage and no leadership.

Over here, we have people sitting here, and even on the crossbench, who are prepared to talk about ideas, about leadership, about courage and about building confidence in the economy around all of those things. That is what we are trying to do here. The third appropriation has a very specific purpose, the national stimulus package has a very specific purpose, and here we have the opportunity to provide local input into that, to provide security of jobs, to increase confidence, to stabilise the economy. That is the aim of our package. Call it what you want.

Mr Smyth: Why did you say, though, “Don’t get your hopes up”?

MR SPEAKER: Mr Smyth, you have asked your question today.

Economy—stimulus package

MR COE: My question is to the Treasurer. Treasurer, your government has failed to deliver the GDE, the prison and now Fairbairn Avenue and Horse Park Drive on time or on budget. A critical component of the federal government’s stimulus package involves the delivery of capital works projects on time and on budget. How can the Canberra community have any confidence that your government will be able to deliver the capital works projects under the federal stimulus package and not jeopardise that funding?

MS GALLAGHER: The first thing you can do is get out of the way and stop objecting to what we are trying to do, to get on board and to be part of the solution.

Mr Hanson: You’re taking prompts from Andrew now. Are you writing the script, mate?

Mr Barr: Who writes your questions, Jeremy, for question time, mate?

MR SPEAKER: Order! I remind members that the correct form of address in the chamber is “Mr” or “Ms” or “Mrs”. Thank you, Ms Gallagher, continue.

MS GALLAGHER: Thank you, Mr Speaker. We have a very ambitious capital program. I think last year saw record investment in the dollars delivered through our capital investment program—$282 million worth of capital funds into this economy last financial year. Major projects—ANU medical centre, new school buildings, new cancer centres—large projects delivered on time and, in some cases, under budget. We have a very strong—

Mr Coe: What’s the underspend? Name one.

MS GALLAGHER: Name one? All right—the linear accelerator at the hospital. It was a $30 million project that opened on time and under budget. I could sit here and

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