Page 1138 - Week 03 - Thursday, 26 February 2009

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is why I was delayed coming down to take my place in the chair. I had one of the local residents and also a shopkeeper ring me to thank me very much for what I have done. As I say, I have been in contact with several people today. It is very gratifying and I am very pleased.

They were also pleased when I fixed the Walhallow Street footpath; as they were pleased when I fixed the fence at the end of a football field for them; as they were pleased when I got a security fence put across one of the other car parks to stop antisocial behaviour happening in the car park; as they were pleased when I was instrumental in getting water tanks at the Hawker softball fields. The list goes on. In fact, several residents in Hawker have said to me—I think it is a joke, “Mary, we would like to have a little sign made up.” It is a sign that could be put on things around Hawker to say “Mary Porter did this.” They say this because they say there are so many things that I have done.

The list is endless and I am very pleased. It is just my job and I enjoy doing it. When I get down there at the Hawker shops in my regular mobile office I have people come up and thank me for what I have achieved. I say in response, “Don’t thank me because it is just my job.”

I know that Mrs Dunne worked on this as well as me, and I did say that on the radio this morning. I did also say that there was no disagreement between myself and Mrs Dunne, that we were both trying to achieve the same thing. While the Chief Minister was working away trying to achieve what he and I both wanted, Mrs Dunne put her motion on the notice paper. There is nothing mysterious about that.

Mr Smyth: That is right.

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Smyth, can you refrain your comments please.

MS PORTER: That is why, Madam Assistant Speaker, we were able to achieve the results so quickly and he was able to come in here and say that the block of land would be withdrawn from sale and, of course, that the master plan would go ahead. We had already been in discussion about this for some number of days. I thank the Chief Minister very much for listening to me and for taking into consideration the concerns of the constituents of Hawker.

I did not stand up yesterday to talk about this because there was no need for me to keep on repeating what everyone else had just said. I do not waste time in this place repeating what Mrs Dunne said, what the Chief Minister said, what somebody else says, like other people in this place do. We just waste time by repeating everything. The people in Hawker know what I do and I am very pleased to serve them as a member for Ginninderra.

Legislative Assembly—members

MS BRESNAN (Brindabella) (5.34): I would like to go back to Mr Coe’s quite disrespectful remarks today in relation to the MPI. What we heard today from Mr Coe

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