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ACT Health will also provide additional bed capacity for our public hospitals over the next few years through an expansion of the Community, Acute and Post Acute Care service, which will provide for more care to be provided in peoples’ homes (where clinically appropriate).

(4) TCH has 10 operating theatres with two additional temporary theatres currently under construction. Construction work for the two new theatres has commenced and they are expected to be operational by around the middle of 2009.

Calvary has six existing operating theatres with another under construction. That construction commenced in December 2008 and will be completed at the end of March 2009. Following the completion of this construction, Calvary will have a capacity of seven operating theatres.

(5) All of the operating theatres at TCH and Calvary are being used.

(6) Of the ten theatres at TCH, 1 is used 24 hours per day, seven days per week for emergency surgery. One theatre is used nine hours per day, seven days per week for orthopaedic non-elective cases, and eight theatres are used nine hours per day each working day for elective surgery lists. However, the elective theatres are used for emergency cases where demand exceeds the capacity of the emergency theatre.

The six existing theatres at Calvary generally operate nine hours per day Monday to Friday, and as required after these times and on weekends for emergency surgery. Theatre seven will operate at similar capacity when it comes on-line in March 2009.

Alexander Maconochie Centre—contractors
(Question No 14)

Mr Hanson asked the Minister for Corrections, upon notice, on 11 December 2008:

(1) Who were the companies that were contracted either directly or indirectly by the ACT Government to construct the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) or to provide services that were necessary for the completion of the AMC and what were each of those services.

(2) What were the costs of each contract outlined in part (1) to the ACT Government for the provision of all services rendered.

(3) What was the initial expected completion date of the AMC, in the view of the ACT Government, and was this date stipulated in any contracts entered into by the Government.

(4) When did the ACT Government first become aware of any delays regarding the completion of the AMC, and where possible, can the Minister outline the nature of the delays as precisely as possible.

(5) When did the ACT Government initially expect to begin receiving prisoners into the AMC.

(6) How many staff will be employed directly or indirectly by the ACT Government for the provision of corrective services at the AMC.

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