Page 759 - Week 02 - Thursday, 12 February 2009

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MR HARGREAVES: I am afraid that, even with the regurgitation of the first bit, the question is very vague; so I will make an attempt to understand what Mr Hanson is asking. As I understand the question to be, it is: in terms of our statements about when commissioning starts and when it finishes for the whole centre—

Mr Hanson: The commissioning is broken up into various stages, as you know.

MR HARGREAVES: Excuse me, Mr Speaker, if Mr Hanson wishes to talk to me, I do not wish to talk to him; so he can do it through you.

The issue is for the whole centre; the whole centre gets commissioned. It is quite clear, in fact, that Mr Hanson has not had any experience at all in the administration of major projects; otherwise he would not come into this place and display his ignorance thus.

Mr Hanson: I have seen the way it works under you, John.

MR HARGREAVES: There are no prizes for second. Whenever a building or a series of buildings is contracted to be built, the commissioning phase usually commences once the bricks and mortar phase is finished.

Mr Seselja: It is just like that with a restaurant.

MR HARGREAVES: You are so tiresome.

Mr Seselja: Tell us about the restaurant; go on, please.

MR HARGREAVES: You really are so tiresome, you little mind. Once the bricks and mortar part is finished, the commissioning phase is generally started. They will apply to a series of things. It is not a staged thing; it is a series of things. For example, furniture and fittings is a commissioning exercise. In a project the size of the AMC, your furnishings and fittings commissioning applies to general office furniture and fittings; it applies to cell furniture and fittings; public areas; it refers to community access areas; it talks about medical areas. That, then, is linked to equipment commissioning.

It depends on whereabouts in the AMC we are talking about again. For example, when we talk about the medical facilities, the commissioning of those facilities goes to the installation of certain pieces of medical equipment—not only the purchase and delivery but actual installation. Anybody with any health experience would know that is a fairly significant exercise.

Then we have commissioning of things such as the hydraulics of the AMC. Along the way, from the point when the buildings are regarded as finished, when the buildings are regarded as complete, that is when the commissioning starts. All those issues that I have described thus far, to my knowledge, have been completed, except the installation of some pieces of furniture and fittings.

Now I come to the point of major interest for those opposite: the security system. The security system is another piece which requires commissioning. What happens is that

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