Page 501 - Week 02 - Tuesday, 10 February 2009

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Mr Corbell: You blokes, you jokers, have been opposed to the prison from day one—and now you cry crocodile tears about the remand centre. What a load of nonsense.

MR HANSON: You see. This is what happens when they are put under a bit of pressure. You see the abuse; you see the distraction—the deflecting of their own performance to try and blame others. This goes to the heart of the matter. You sat on your hands and have done nothing—

Mr Corbell: You opposed the prison from day one. You opposed the remand centre from day one.

MR HANSON: I did? I did?

Mr Corbell: Now you criticise the conditions at Belconnen. What a joke.

MR HANSON: I certainly did not. The point is—Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Corbell! Order!

MR HANSON: The point is that they hoped that the AMC was going to open on time, and by their own incompetence it failed to do so. I was taught in the army that hope is not a principle for planning. Mr Hargreaves may have been taught that himself. Hope—if that is all you are doing—results in failure. That is what we have seen here—a complete failure in the management of the opening of the AMC. It is a project that we have seen reduced in scope. It has been delayed indefinitely. We still do not know when it is going to open. It is costing the taxpayers a fortune every day. It has led to misleads of the public and the Assembly.

What we have found is that Mr Corbell, who has got his fingers all over this whole portfolio, then was on the media and was being criticised, quite rightly, for his role in this whole debacle. He was under pressure. He also allowed his own Chief Minister—it was his assertions about the costs relating to the AMC—to mislead the Assembly and failed to correct him. And Mr Hargreaves has not helped out with his mate Mr Corbell. He has come up with a litany of ridiculous statements in the media about restaurants opening, about violent episodes being compared to acts that could have occurred in a seminary. He said that he loses sleep every day about the prisoners in the BRC—but not so much that he did not fly overseas and leave a hospital pass for his good mate Mr Corbell to have to deal with the next tragic incident that occurred at the BRC when two prisoners were on the roof. What Mr Corbell did when he was in the media—

Mr Hargreaves: Right. Gloves off, sunshine. Gloves off. That was low. It is gloves off from here on. That’s it. That’s it, Jeremy. That’s it. You’re gone.

MR HANSON: Mr Speaker, he has just used the language “You’re gone”.

Mr Hargreaves: That’s right. You’ve got it in one.

MR HANSON: Is this threatening?

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