Page 478 - Week 02 - Tuesday, 10 February 2009

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Please recall, Mr Speaker, that we have 30 per cent of all rental properties in the ACT. It therefore behoves us to show leadership in this area. All too often—

Mr Hanson: Point five per cent emissions: that is leadership.

MR HARGREAVES: Colonel Hanson will in fact, as an expert in leadership—we have just heard another one of his leadership speeches coming out here—

Mr Hanson: Can I call you Corporal Hargreaves?

MR HARGREAVES: His leader and deputy leader are as quiet as church mice—just quiet as mice, if you like. Now Mr Hanson is showing his leadership potential. Knock yourself out, sunshine. Mr Speaker, the private sector has often been criticised for having—and this is from the leadership of the Liberal Party, the party based on dream, not on need.

Mrs Dunne: Point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR HARGREAVES: Here we go. Boing!

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, answers to questions are supposed to be directly relevant to the questions. I do not think that a tirade against Mr Hanson fits that description.

MR SPEAKER: Whilst a tirade is not warranted, the minister was being wound up by Mr Hanson. Minister, can you come back to the point, please.

MR HARGREAVES: I would be delighted to, having suffered the tirade from Mrs Dunne. This is as good as she can give. I was saying that in the past the private sector has been accused of being driven by the need for profit, and therefore the investment in properties in terms of their greenness is kept at a minimum. We can try and change that mindset in other ways, but one of them, and an essential one, is to show some leadership out there. That is why we have money—millions of dollars going forward—invested in making our properties more environmentally friendly. It is with that commitment in our head that if I get my hands on any kind of maintenance money from anywhere we will apply it with those exact same imperatives.

To give a bit more relevance to Ms Bresnan, let me say that I have been in this game for quite a while and I know what the commonwealth governments are capable of; I know what the commonwealth bureaucrats are capable of. I do not want to try and deliver services to the people of the ACT with both eyes tied behind my back. That ain’t going to happen.

Economy—stimulus package

MR COE: My question is to the Treasurer. Treasurer, yesterday the opposition received a briefing from your senior officials on the commonwealth government’s proposed stimulus package that included terms such as “guesstimate”, “not sure”, “still working out the detail”, “waiting for the numbers”, “all in the melting pot”, “forming on an hourly basis” and “we don’t know”. Treasurer, what impact will the

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