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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2008 Week 06 Hansard (Wednesday, 25 June 2008) . . Page.. 2019 ..

MR SPEAKER: Leave is not granted.

MR PRATT: Leave is not granted?

Mr Corbell: We have already got one.

MR PRATT: I can give you much better quality—colour, Simon. All right; if that is the case, let it be noted that Mr Corbell wanted to be churlish about it all. I am quite proud of that flyer. I was really pleased that Mr Gentleman tabled that flyer. That was very good. That flyer has a very special message about this government’s incompetence over the power station. I did want to willingly come down here and give you a much better quality flyer, Simon, but if that is the case, Mr Speaker, there is no more to be said.

Mr Corbell: Give me an autograph.

MR PRATT: All right; thank you, Simon.

Legislative Assembly—pairs

MS MacDONALD (Brindabella) (10.40): Mr Corbell has just addressed the issues that Mrs Burke raised but I need to set the record straight, because Mrs Burke has made some allegations about what I have and have not done today. Certainly, there was advice given by my office—from my staff member, who is very sick and is emailing from home, I should say—that there was going to be the swap, that we were changing the places because the admin and procedure committee met over a week ago to discuss what the business for today would be and things have changed since then.

This morning, before the Assembly met at 10.30, I went around to Mrs Burke’s office. I also went to Mr Mulcahy’s office and to Dr Foskey’s office. I explained to them what was going on. I have a limited amount of time so I explained it rather quickly—which is, I think, the problem for Mrs Burke, because it was not slow enough for her and there were not any diagrams or arrows for her to follow. That was my mistake; I should have got a big red pen and drawn on a piece of paper for her what was happening.

I explained at that point that the manager of government business would be suspending standing orders to bring on executive business and Mr Gentleman’s bill on the feed-in tariff. That was explained at the beginning. I explained it again later in the day. Then I had another conversation with Mrs Burke, with Mrs Dunne in attendance. I have explained this at least three times to Mrs Burke today.

Mr Corbell: Not often enough.

MS MacDONALD: No, apparently not. Of course, Mr Corbell, there was the failure of the big red marker and the arrows; that was obviously the problem. I am sorry that I could not actually send Mrs Burke an email about this earlier in the day, but that would have entailed me being out of the Assembly while Mr Seselja and Mr Stanhope were giving their speeches on the motion of no confidence, which I thought was more

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