Page 2018 - Week 06 - Wednesday, 25 June 2008

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MR CORBELL: whenever we have—you are not multiskilled; I can assure you of that.

Mr Pratt: That is all right; I am just explaining the variety. I am just explaining the variety, Simon.

MR CORBELL: Schizophrenic definitely, but I could not say multiskilled.

Mr Pratt: I am just explaining the variety, Simon—seamless transition.

MR CORBELL: At every single government business meeting I have asked those opposite, “Can you please tell us what is on your program for the coming sitting week?” I go to every meeting and I say, “This is the government’s program. This is what we’re going to do. These are the bills we want passed. This is when we want to sit.” Mr Mulcahy or his representative says, “Yes, but we want to do this.” Dr Foskey is very good. She says, “These are our priorities; this is what I want to debate.” What do the Liberals say? The Liberals say, “Oh, we don’t know,” or they say, “Nothing to advise at this time.” That is at every single meeting for the last four years.

Mrs Burke: That is not true.

MR CORBELL: Every single meeting for the last four years. Go through and check the minutes of the government business meetings for the last four years and you will see that on not one single occasion has the Liberal Party ever advised the government of its proposed business. So don’t you come into this place, Mrs Burke, and say that the government never consults and that the government is arrogant and high-handed. It is this opposition that continually refuses to advise any member in this place of its proposed business. Mr Mulcahy and Dr Foskey can confirm it; they have seen it themselves. At every single meeting, I say, “Any advance notice from the Liberal Party about what they are going to introduce in this place?” “Oh, no; sorry, no. Oh, we don’t know. Oh, I will have to check.” Mr Speaker, they have never done it.

My simple response to Mrs Burke is this: people in glass houses should not throw stones and people who have an incapability to communicate excepting by throwing barbs across this place perhaps need to go and find themselves another job.

Gas-fired power station

MR PRATT (Brindabella) (10.39): Today, Mr Gentleman very kindly tabled in the no-confidence debate a flyer about the power station issue in the northern Tuggeranong region. I thought I would come down here and table a much better quality flyer. I must say that I was very impressed that Mr Gentleman did that. I hereby table a much better quality flyer, in colours.

MR SPEAKER: You will need leave to do that.

MR PRATT: I seek leave.

Mr Corbell: No.

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