Page 1542 - Week 05 - Wednesday, 7 May 2008

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because there are quite a number of important grasslands in there as well. It is very clear that we need that kind of study to guide developments like this so that we do not have ad hoc decision making. We need to know that these are suitable places to put these kinds of developments.

I want to thank also Mr Mulcahy for his rigorous critique of my motion. I do not think he was right about the process, and I think that is often the case; people sort of come in full of—

Mr Seselja: Are you two not friends any more? I thought you were friends now.

DR FOSKEY: Also, in terms of Mr Pratt’s amendment, I just quickly want to say that I do not think it is up to us to decide what the appropriate site is. I believe it is up to us to see that proper process has been conducted—

Mr Pratt: It is up to us to say that we won’t have it near a suburb.

DR FOSKEY: and we do need to see which sites were considered and why they were rejected.

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Pratt!

DR FOSKEY: I also believe it is not appropriate to talk about the Projects of Territory Importance Bill, which was introduced today. It does not really provide a useful bar at this point. I think these amendments show the consequences in terms of both polarising and unconstructive debate where we have a majority government and impotent opposition. However, I do not feel this debate has been at all useless; I think it will feed into the process and it is important that we had it.

To me it has been disappointing that a Labor government has not been prepared to embrace a greater or more open engagement with residents, but it is fairly clear that it has been alerted to the need for that. And I am disappointed that the Liberal opposition appear to be using this motion only as a way of commending their own legislation and, of course, to show that they are onside with the Fadden and Macarthur residents. But, when we are dealing with community organisations, we should be careful—

Mr Pratt interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: Mr Pratt, order, please!

DR FOSKEY: to make sure that we are also listening to the evidence and offering them advice that is useful to them and not just falling in with a view because it looks as though it is the most popular view. That is our job as elected representatives, and it is hard, but we have to do it. (Time expired.)

Question put:

That Mr Pratt’s amendment to MrBarr’s proposed amendment be agreed to.

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