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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Bill 2006

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2)

Civil Partnerships Bill 2006

Review of the Children and Young People Act 1999


Court Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Education Amendment Bill 2006

University of Canberra Amendment Bill 2006

Questions without notice: Schools—closures

Health—patient administration system

ACTION bus service—timetable

Environment—sustainable investment

Emergency services—firelink system

Housing—Kanangra Court

Housing—Abbeyfield disAbility House


Auditor-General’s report No 9 of 2006

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Transport—demand responsive

Housing—multiunit properties



Executive contracts

Financial Management Act—instrument

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd—annual report 2005-06

Caring for carers—progress report

Leave of absence


Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2006—exposure draft


Taxi industry—out-of-order petition

Environmentally sustainable solutions (Matter of public importance)

Education Amendment Bill 2006

Adjournment: Valedictory

Augusto Pinochet

Mr Daniel Bravo

Augusto Pinochet

Your Rights at Work Rally

SpringOut festival

FashionACT Tantrum 2006

DLA Phillips Fox government and business triathlon

Wally Cup

Motor sport

Schedule of amendments: Schedule 1: Education Amendment Bill 2006

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Dr Foskey

Standing orders—suspension

Motion of censure and expression of grave concern

Questions without notice:

ACTION bus service

Griffith library


Questions without notice:

Griffith library

Registrar-General and Office of Fair Trading—relocation

Planning—EpiCentre lease

Public service—superannuation

Calvary Public Hospital

Disability services—children

Parks and gardens—watering

Housing—finance data



Auditor-General’s report No 8 of 2006

Schools—closures (Ministerial statement)

Standing orders—suspension

Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure; Dr Foskey (Motion of

censure; expression of grave concern

Petition: Schools—closures

Emergencies Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2)

Planning—EpiCentre lease



Handy Help ACT

Motorcycle charity run

Electric Shadows




Mrs Helen Cross

Dr Paul Grimes

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Personal explanation

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Rates Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2)

Corrections Management Bill 2006

Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Housing Assistance Bill 2006

Planning and Development Bill 2006

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee


Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Sitting pattern—2007

Leave of absence

Standing orders—suspension

Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Bill 2006

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice: Schools—closures






Education—early childhood





Minister for Education and Training (Motion of censure)

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Registrar-General and Office of Fair Trading—relocation

Financial Management Act—instrument


Multicultural strategy 2006-2009


HIV/AIDS (Matter of public importance)

Territory-Owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2006

Adjournment: Valedictory



Government vehicle fleet









Answers to questions:

Economy—industry clusters (Question No 1250)

Canberra region economic area (Question No 1251)

Trade—export growth (Question No 1255)

Trade Practices Act (Question No 1263)

Business—online advisory service (Question No 1264)

Business—e-commerce model (Question No 1265)

Information technology—centre of excellence (Question No 1274)

Employment—training pathway guarantee (Question No 1285)

Planning—dwelling and work locations (Question No 1294)

Business—retail moratorium (Question No 1298)

Hospitals—pay parking (Question No 1315)

Children—foster carers (Question No 1323)

Children—child protection workers (Question No 1324)

Public service—data management systems (Question No 1325)

Children—risk assessments (Question No 1326)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1328)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1329)

Children—participation strategy (Question No 1330)

Youth—conferencing funding (Question No 1331)

Children—indigenous (Question No 1332)

Children—needs (Question No 1333)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1334)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1335)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1336)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1337)

Bushfires—hazard reduction (Question No 1342)

Children—carers (Question No 1349)

Children—care and protection (Question No 1350)

Environment—climate change strategy (Question No 1353)

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd (Question No 1356)

Policing—prosecutions (Question No 1373)

Schools—closures (Question No 1374)

Public service—staff (Question No 1375)

Living in Canberra campaign (Question No 1376)

ACT Skills Commission (Question No 1377)

ACT Skills Commission (Question No 1378)

Immigration—business migrants (Question No 1379)

Public service—staff (Question No 1380)

Business—mortgage brokers (Question No 1381)

ACT Corrective Services (Question No 1382)

Library services (Question No 1383)

Roads—maintenance (Question No 1384)

Roads—maintenance (Question No 1385)

Water—costs (Question No 1387)

Policing—operations support (Question No 1388)

Emergency Services Authority—call centre (Question No 1389)

Bushfires—budget (Question No 1390)

Bushfires—spotting towers (Question No 1391)

Water—playing fields (Question No 1392)

Hospitals—pay parking (Question No 1393)

Housing—Residential Tenancies Tribunal (Question No 1394)

Rape Crisis Centre—funding (Question No 1395)

Actively Ageing program (Question No 1396)

Sport and Recreation ACT (Question No 1397)

Sport—teams funding (Question No 1398)

Sport—organisations funding (Question No 1399)

Sport—ovals (Question No 1400)

Civic Pool dome (Question No 1401)

Kids at Play (Question No 1402)

Public service—annual reports (Question No 1403)

Cigarettes and tobacco—government funds (Question No 1404)

Kambah—mobile phone tower (Question No 1405)

Education and Training, Department—new site (Question No 1407)

ArtsACT—funding (Question No 1408)

Arts and letters—funding (Question No 1409)

Government—contractors (Question No 1410)

Government—contractors (Question No 1413)

Government—contractors (Question No 1414)

Christmas craft markets (Question No 1416)

Westfield Belconnen—parking (Question No 1417)

Housing ACT—vacant properties (Question No 1418)

Housing ACT—staff (Question No 1419)

ACT Health—staff (Question No 1420)

Health—mental (Question No 1422)

Children—protection (Question No 1423)

Prisons—educational facilities (Question No 1424)

Hospitals—visiting medical officers (Question No 1425)

Calvary Hospital—x-ray facilities (Question No 1426)

Healthpact (Question No 1427)

Hospitals—triage categories (Question No 1429)

Hospitals—ambulance-off-stretcher times (Question No 1430)

Public service—shared services centre (Question No 1433)

ACTEW—travel (Question No 1436)

Business—assistance programs (Question No 1437)

Cigarettes and tobacco—smoking bans (Question No 1438)

Cigarettes and tobacco—smoking bans (Question No 1439)

Housing—integration projects (Question No 1444)

Housing—joint champions group (Question No 1445)

Industrial relations—WorkChoices (Question No 1447)