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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Powers of Attorney Bill 2006

Medical Treatment (Health Directions) Bill 2006

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2006

Transitional housing

Questions without notice: Schools—closures

Planning—EpiCentre lease

Planning—EpiCentre lease



Municipal services—community access

Planning—EpiCentre lease

Planning—EpiCentre lease

Rape Crisis Centre

Emergency services—volunteer brigade funds

Emergency services—volunteer brigade funds

Questions without notice:

Health—smoking in enclosed public places

Land (Planning and Environment) Act

Review of library service


Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Ambulance service—crews

Aged citizens—mobility issues (Matter of public importance)


Thanksgiving Day

Ainslie football and recreation clubs


Narrabundah primary school

Gawad Kalinga

Miles Franklin primary school fete

Environment—natural resource management

Griffith library

Quamby Youth Detention Centre

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Powers of Attorney Bill 2006

Schedule 2: Powers of Attorney Bill 2006

Schedule 3: Medical Treatment (Health Directions) Bill 2006

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Petition: Schools—closures

Crimes Amendment Bill 2006

Commonwealth powers and ACT legislation

Standing orders—suspension


Questions without notice:

Planning—EpiCentre lease

Canberra Hospital—methadone program




Questions without notice:

Vulnerable workers


Library service—review

Environment—composition of government vehicle fleet

Emergency services—volunteer brigade funds

Planning—EpiCentre lease


Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Environment—greenhouse gas emissions



Environment—climate change


Kulture Break

Academy Club

Quamby youth centre

Environment—climate change

Death of Mr Jim Ritchie

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Petitions: Schools—closures

Griffith library

Griffith library

Territory-Owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2006

Court Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Freedom of Information Amendment Bill 2006

Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2006 (No 2) 3826

University of Canberra Amendment Bill 2005

Griffith library

Minister for the Territory and Municipal Services (Motion of censure)

Questions without notice:


Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd

Women—White Ribbon Day

Hospitals—waiting lists


Transport—demand responsive

Public housing—access to services

Industrial relations—women workers

Belconnen Remand Centre

Planning—EpiCentre lease

Bushfires—vegetation restoration

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:


Hospitals—bed occupancy rate

Hospitals—patient administration system

Canberra Hospital—methadone program

Chief Minister’s Department—annual report 2005-2006

Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Bill 2006


Government Procurement Act—review (Ministerial statement)

Minister for the Territory and Municipal Services (Motion of censure)

Griffith library

Schools—environmental sustainability (Matter of public importance)

Order of the day—postponement

Long Service Leave (Contract Cleaning Industry) Amendment Bill 2006

Building and Construction Industry Training Levy Amendment Bill 2006


Tobacco products

West Belconnen Health Cooperative

Art exhibition

Youth unemployment

Mrs Stasia Dabrowski


Griffith library

Environment—landkeepers program

Environment—government fleet

Answers to questions:

Water—strategy (Question No 1249)

Economy—risk management (Question No 1252)

Economy—The Canberra Partnership (Question No 1253)

BusinessACT (Question No 1254)

Business—policy (Question No 1256)

Public service—electronic procurement and tendering (Question No 1257)

Public service—pre-tendered consultative process (Question No 1258)

Economic White Paper—action recommendations (Question No 1259)

Canberra Connect (Question No 1260)

BusinessACT (Question No 1261)

Planning—requirements (Question No 1262)

Business—development programs (Question No 1266)

Business—training initiatives (Question No 1267)

Business—incubation facilities (Question No 1268)

Business—indigenous support (Question No 1269)

Business—occupational health and safety practices (Question No 1273)

Information technology—open source pilot program (Question No 1275)

Biotechnology (Question No 1276)

Centrelink (Question No 1277)

Economy—capability mapping (Question No 1278)

Film and television (Question No 1279)

Defence, Department, procurement activities (Question No 1280)

Convention facilities (Question No 1282)

Education—information technology skills (Question No 1283)

Employment—work experience (Question No 1284)

Youth—skills development (Question No 1286)

Taxation—payroll tax (Question No 1287)

Education—vocational education and training program (Question No 1288)

Children—work-based childcare centres (Question No 1289)

University of Canberra—School of Health Sciences (Question No 1290)

Finance—venture capital fund (Question No 1291)

Intellectual property—management policies (Question No 1292)

Planning—Canberra Plan (Question No 1293)

Development—Civic (Question No 1295)

Development—Civic (Question No 1296)

Planning—ACTPLA principles (Question No 1297)

Planning—airport transport connections (Question No 1300)

Land—native title (Question No 1346)

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd (Question No 1355)

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd (Question No 1357)

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd (Question No 1359)

Crime—assaults (Question No 1362)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—heritage (Question No 1365)

Land—native title (Question No 1370)

Tourism—festivals (Question No 1386)