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Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Resignation of member

Pairing arrangements

Leave of absence

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Education, Training and Young People—Standing Committee

Working Families in the ACT—Select Committee

Civil Unions Bill 2006

Motor Sport (Public Safety) Bill 2006

Domestic Animals (Validation of Fees) Bill 2006

Questions without notice:

Policing—report on hit-and-run incident

Policing—report on hit-and-run incident

Policing—report on hit-and-run incident

Industrial relations

Water—pricing regime

Policing study

Industrial relations

Sport and recreation—ACTAS scholarships

Disability services—transport

Canberran-of-the-year award

Auditor-General’s report No 1 of 2006

Executive contracts

Trans-Tasman mutual recognition arrangement

Cultural Facilities Corporation

Supported accommodation assistance program


Canberra plan (Ministerial statement)

Children (Matter of public importance).

Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Amendment Bill 2006


Mr Pro Hart—death

Charny Carni Navrang 2006

Mr Tim James Environment—recycling Lanyon


Marist College—drugs summit Commonwealth Parliamentary

Association conference

Arts—Hori Alone in Kolkata

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Motor Sport (Public Safety) Bill 2006

Schedule 2: Motor Sport (Public Safety) Bill 2006

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Petition: Policing—shopping centres

Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Bill 2006

Legislative Assembly Precincts Amendment Bill 2006

Sport and recreation

Road safety

Questions without notice:

Policing—use of CCTV

Policing—use of CCTV

Industrial relations

Policing—report on hit-and-run incident

Environment—climate strategy

Canberra Hospital—patient treatment

Therapy ACT—northside service

Industrial relations

Education—outcomes for boys



Statements by members:

Industrial relations

Industrial relations

Road safety

Bushfires–threat to urban edge

Safety in the construction industry

Lowering the eligible voting age


Charny Carni

Canberra Raiders

Mr Peter Field

Canberra Institute of Technology—fashion parade

Italian immigration

Community fire units—training

Greek culture and traditions


Thursday, 30 March 2006

Petitions: Sport and recreation—funding

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Bill 2006

Electoral Amendment Bill 2006

Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2006.

Pest Plants and Animals Amendment Bill 2006

Radiation Protection Bill 2006

Asbestos Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Distinguished visitor

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Senate Community Affairs References Committee

Duties Amendment Bill 2006

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Genetically modified food crops

Policing—hit-and-run incident

Hospitals—surgery times

Industrial relations

Population growth

Industrial relations

Belconnen to Civic busway

Sport and recreation—Kangaroos agreement

Building and construction


Territory plan–variation No 238

Territory plan—variation No 165


Community policing at shopping centre precincts (Matter of public importance).

Leave of absence

Duties Amendment Bill 2006

Criminal Code (Mental Impairment) Amendment Bill 2006

Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2006


Working Families in the ACT—Select Committee


Industrial relations

Water–excess usage charge

CREATE foundation

Death of Mr John Agnew

Policing—Erindale centre

Amnesty International photographic exhibition

Violence against women

Amnesty International photographic exhibition

Scouts ACT

Answers to questions:

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 846)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 852)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 853)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 854)

Motor vehicles—home-garaged (Question No 855)

Teachers—bullying (Question No 857)

Pay parking ticket machines (Question No 858)

Playground Safety Program Package 6 (Question No 859)

Crime—assaults (Question No 860)

Crime—assaults (Question No 861)

Disabled parking permits (Question No 864)

Graffiti (Question No 865)

Gungahlin Drive Extension (Question No 866)

Roads—green cycle lanes (Question No 867)

Oaks Estate Bridge (Question No 868)

Roads—rule changes (Question No 869)

Crime—investigations finalised (Question No 871)

Crime—drink spiking (Question No 872)

Emergency Services Authority—broadband data links (Question No 873)

Education—indigenous programs (Question No 876)

Housing ACT—property values (Question No 878)

Housing ACT—property allocations (Question No 879)

Housing ACT—tenancy agreements (Question No 880)

Housing ACT—tenant participation (Question No 881)

Swimming pool fencing (Question No 882)

EpiCentre development (Question No 883)

Gungahlin Regional Community Service (Question No 885)

Healthpact grants (Question No 887)

Gungahlin—sports fields (Question No 888)

Wells Station (Question No 889)

Development—Lyneham (Question No 890)

Good Sport program (Question No 891)

Kids at Play program (Question No 892)

Phillip Oval (Question No 893)

Sport and Recreation ACT (Question No 894)

Sports House—rentals (Question No 895)

Sport and recreation—grants (Question No 896)

Parks and places—budget cuts (Question No 897)

Government—logo (Question No 898)

Hospitals—nurses (Question No 899)

Hospitals—nurses (Question No 900)

Clare Holland House (Question No 901)

Sports Centre Australia (Question No 905)

Quamby Youth Centre (Question No 906)

Yarralumla brickworks (Question No 910)

Disabled persons—transport (Question No 911).

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 912)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 913)

Disability ACT—property maintenance (Question No 914)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 915)

Disability ACT—incident reports (Question No 916)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 917)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 918)

Disability ACT—group homes (Question No 919)

Disability ACT—group homes (Question No 920)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 921)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 922)

Disability ACT—group homes (Question No 923)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 924)

Disability ACT—group homes (Question No 925)

Disabled persons—services (Question No 926)

Disabled persons—transport (Question No 927).

Disability ACT—sex education (Question No 928)

Disability ACT—programs (Question No 929)

Disability ACT—home support (Question No 930)

Disability ACT—performance monitoring (Question No 931)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 932)

Disability ACT—staff (Question No 934)

Gudgenby homestead (Question No 935)

Mental health facilities (Question No 936)

Railway Historical Society (Question No 937)

Fraser Court (Question No 938)

Waste disposal—recycling facilities (Question No 939)

Policing—cases (Question No 940)

Hospitals—sentinel events (Question No 941)

Health—SIDS and Kids (Question No 943)

Hospitals— midwifery program (Question No 944)

Health—dieticians (Question No 945)

Petrol stations (Question No 946)

Petrol stations (Question No 947)

Driveways—costs (Question No 949)

Workplace injuries (Question No 950)

Disabled persons—housing (Question No 951)

Housing—priority allocations (Question No 952)

Housing—allocation times (Question No 953)

ACTION—services (Question No 954)

Roads—accident statistics (Question No 955)

Roads—accident statistics (Question No 956)

Roads—accident statistics (Question No 957)

Roads—parking inspectors (Question No 958)

Kippax library (Question No 959)

Policing—officers (Question No 960)

Emergency Services Authority (Question No 961)

Petrol stations (Question No 962)

Development—applications (Question No 963)

Save the Ridge group (Question No 964)

Health—umbilical cord blood (Question No 965)

Circus safety arrangements (Question No 967)

Namadgi National Park—prescribed burning (Question No 974)

Canberra Islamic School (Question No 976)