Page 772 - Week 03 - Wednesday, 29 March 2006

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MR SPEAKER: Order, members! The House gave Mr Mulcahy leave to make a statement. Please let him make it.

MR MULCAHY: Thank you, Mr Speaker. The statement continues:

Under ACT law, Boral was legally obliged to keep Mr Bollard in employment for a minimum of three months following his injury. However we have kept Mr Bollard employed through alternate duties for around two years in the hope that he could return to his original full time duties. Unfortunately, during this time Mr Bollard has aggravated his original injury on a number of occasions. Medical evidence from both Boral’s and Mr Bollard’s doctors has confirmed that Mr Bollard will never be able to return to his original duties on a full time basis and he is seeking compensation because of this. It comes as some surprise to hear today that Mr Bollard is now saying he is fully fit to resume his pre-injury duties.

It is a pity the facts were not checked out by the minister before she made her comments.

Industrial relations

MR GENTLEMAN (Brindabella) (3.24): Mr Speaker, I seek leave to make a statement too.

Leave granted.

MR GENTLEMAN: I just want to clear up some confusion that may have occurred during question time when Mr Seselja asked about my affiliation to a union here in the ACT. I want to let him know that I am a member of the Transport Workers Union and I have been so for quite a while. In the ACT we still have freedom of association. I think we have it in Australia—at the moment, anyway. For a time I did work for that union.

Prior to my membership with the Transport Workers Union, I was a member of the CPSU. Prior to that, I was a member of the APTU. I began union membership in 1973 with the Australian Clerical Officers Association. My delegate at the time in the workplace of foreign affairs was a former member, Mr David Lamont. Thank you, Mr Speaker.

Road safety

Debate resumed.

MR PRATT (Brindabella) (3.25): I thank Ms MacDonald for this motion today about road safety as it is a serious and timely topic. However, it is unfortunate for Ms MacDonald that she has obviously been prompted by her own party to run this motion so she can spin their propaganda lines about how the Stanhope government are doing all they can to improve road safety, when it is blatantly obvious that they are not employing all measures possible to address this problem from all angles.

It is all the community’s fault they seem to say: “Let us put the onus back on drivers to look at their own behaviour”—the minister says that, and he said it again today—“but let us at the same time brag about what a great job we are doing to help out with the

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