Page 3857 - Week 12 - Wednesday, 19 October 2005

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that has been made for the Alexander Maconochie Centre, despite Mr Stefaniak’s preference, there will not be a facility for executing Canberrans.

MR STEFANIAK: Mr Speaker, I wish to raise a point of order. I do not recall asking him about the death penalty, gallows or anything, just about the prison and New South Wales building another prison for 500-plus prisoners and how that affects the viability of our prison. We are not talking about killing anyone, we are talking about accommodating people.

MR SPEAKER: The Chief Minister responds to a question about the corrections issue. I think he is entitled to mention those sorts of matters. In other countries around the world they use that penalty as the ultimate correction.

MR STEFANIAK: We do not here, Mr Speaker.

MR STANHOPE: Thank you, Mr Speaker. The point is appropriately made that Mr Stefaniak and, I understand, a number of his colleagues—

Mr Smyth: Answer the question!

MR STANHOPE: It is relevant for this issue to be aired and debated in this place. When opposition members stand up in this place and ask me about the construction and construction costs of the Alexander Maconochie Centre, it is relevant to note that that centre will not contain a capacity to execute Canberrans, a capacity which Bill Stefaniak, the alternative attorney-general and minister for corrections, wants. Mr Stefaniak wants the capacity at the Alexander Maconochie Centre to execute Canberrans.

MR STEFANIAK: Jonny, I have news for you: we are not going to do it.

MR STANHOPE: That is his position and we know it is the position of other members of the opposition.

MR STEFANIAK: What about the viability of the prison?

Mrs Dunne: I wish to raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. Under standing order 118, this really is debating the issue. In addition, it is exceedingly misleading of the Chief Minister to attribute such—

MR SPEAKER: Withdraw that. You cannot suggest that people are misleading the Assembly.

Mrs Dunne: I withdraw the words. It is exceedingly unfortunate that the Chief Minister would attribute policy—

Mr Hargreaves interjecting—

MR SPEAKER: Order, Mr Hargreaves! Everybody, please: Mrs Dunne has a point of order and I want to hear it.

Mr Smyth: Yes, but we are running out of time.

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