Page 1647 - Week 05 - Thursday, 7 April 2005

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(7) If an asbestos report has an expiry date but no renovation, maintenance or repair work has been undertaken on that property, is the owner required to have another report prepared at additional and unnecessary expense; if so, why;

(8) Will a copy of all asbestos reports undertaken in the ACT be maintained by a central register; if so,

(a) by whom,

(b) how much will it cost the ACT Government or industry per annum to manage and

(c) how will it be policed or monitored; if not, why not;

(9) In relation to tenanted properties, is a new asbestos report required for each subsequent tenancy; if so, why; if not, why not;

(10) Will a landlord be required to provide a tenant, at the landlord’s expense, with alternative accommodation during any renovation, repair or maintenance work if the property they occupy has been shown to contain asbestos; if not, why not;

(11) Who can undertake to prepare the required asbestos reports and how many such asbestos inspectors are there or will there be by the time the legislation comes into effect in the ACT;

(12) How will these inspectors be trained and what qualifications will they be required to have;

(13) In relation to property costs, how will the added expense to the owner of having to undertake these asbestos reports and/or a subsequent finding of asbestos affect the

(d) value of property in the ACT,

(e) cost of selling a property,

(f) cost of each incidence of renovation, maintenance or repair work to a property, and thus the overall cost of living,

(g) cost of rental properties for tenants, for example will rents rise to compensate for the increased cost of these reports,

(h) cost of housing, whether tenanted or owner-occupied, for people on low-incomes and

(i) reluctance of purchasers to pay full market price for a property due to ongoing asbestos reporting obligations and costs, and thus the effect on ACT property values;

(14) As one of the biggest landlords in the ACT is ACT Housing prepared, at an additional cost to the ACT Government, to survey each of its properties for asbestos in line with the introduction of the new asbestos legislation;

(15) Will ACT Housing be required to undertake an asbestos report for each of its properties after each change of tenant and for each incidence of renovation, repair and maintenance work; if so, why; if not, why not;

(16) How much will this cost the ACT Government per annum and will this cost be passed onto the ACT taxpayer or will ACT Housing pass this increase in cost onto its tenants;

(17) How many asbestos reports is it estimated will be undertaken on ACT Housing properties per annum once the legislation comes into effect.

Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

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