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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 10 Hansard (23 September) . . Page.. 3557 ..

MR QUINLAN (continuing):

not know whether Mr Smyth is able to read it, but if he can get his advisers to read it for him-he should-

Mrs Burke: How condescending.

MR QUINLAN: You should have heard that little man before. I have a sense of humour and I will cop a bit, but I am giving it back today. This bloke has no qualifications. He is a pretender. He goes out and repeats dishonest lines-the $344 million one. How many times-

Mr Stefaniak: I take a point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. I would like Mr Quinlan to withdraw the use of the word "dishonest".

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: I think that the word was "lines".

Mr Stefaniak: "Dishonest". I would like him to withdraw that.

MR QUINLAN: Dishonest lines; he repeats lines.

Mrs Dunne: Withdraw the "dishonest", please.


MR QUINLAN: Okay, I withdraw that. Nevertheless, we have this process of repetition which is designed to paint a picture that is not the correct picture. What we have had across this table, while you are moaning, is "sloppy", "lazy"and "do not know economics". I do know a bit about economics. That man does not. Let's face it: he does not and is not qualified. He did not know the difference between a budget and an appropriation bill. The shadow Treasurer of the ACT does not know the difference between an appropriation bill and a budget. How fundamental can you get? The man has-

Mrs Dunne: One slip of the tongue.

MR QUINLAN: It was not a slip of the tongue; it was part of the argument that he was making. It was the whole point of what he was making.

Mrs Dunne: Do you want your blood pressure pills now?

MR QUINLAN: Yes, thank you. This guy is unqualified to be Treasurer and, unfortunately, you ain't even got an alternative. There is no skill over there, there are no qualifications for the job, and I get a load of abuse. Sorry, one day I am entitled to stand up and say in this joint that we have across there a guy who does not have the qualifications or the experience to do the job he pretends to do, but I will say that he is the best man for the job amongst you.

Mrs Burke: You are an authority on that, are you? You know us all that well, do you?

MR QUINLAN: I will resist the great temptation to list my qualifications, Mrs Burke. Mr Smyth asked about where are we now. Where we are now is that this government is

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