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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 10 Hansard (23 September) . . Page.. 3538 ..

Mrs Dunne: You wouldn't get that from this government, would you?

MR QUINLAN: As in information. Of course, they need the facilitation. If somebody wants to come to the town and make a film or advertisement or whatever, they will need to know where to get catering, how to get through gates, how to get the right sites or how to get a road closed, et cetera. Setting up that base of information-as I said, that "repository of intelligence"-for them to avail themselves of, they would consider, at least in the discussion I had in my office some time ago, a giant step forward

I have regular industry lunches with a group of ten or 12 people from different industry groups. I have had luncheons recently with the creative industries, and the wider creative industry sector supports this move. It will be a very positive move in Canberra. Canberra is the capital city and has the most hours of sunshine of any city in Australia. It has clean air and a variety of geographic places where various films-shorts, commercial, advertising-can be made.

The Assembly can be assured that the government has brought the industry together in a very positive way and is working constructively with them.

MR HARGREAVES: Can the Treasurer say whether the government is continuing to develop economic opportunities on the wider front?

MR QUINLAN: I can and I-

Mrs Dunne: Point of order, Mr Speaker. To ask the Treasurer whether he is considering doing things on a wider front is (a) straying from the intent of the question and (b) asking him to announce government policy.

Mr Hargreaves: On the point of order, the wording I used was, "continuing to develop", not "intending to".

Mrs Dunne: On the other part of the point of order, the supplementary question asked the Treasurer to move on from the subject of film and television to industry development. I think that is out of order.

MR QUINLAN: On the point of order, Mr Speaker, in a general sense, the number of points of order raised on that side of the house-particularly by Mrs Dunne-that are used to undo the point, is getting to be a bit of a joke.

MR SPEAKER: Mrs Dunne, the supplementary needs to be relevant to the original question, and I rule that it is.

MR QUINLAN: Mr Speaker, you can see a connection between the creative industries, the development of the town and tourism. This government has worked very hard in relation to tourism. The Liberals were going to throw a whole lot of money at it to fix the problem. There was a time when a Tourism Minister called Brendan Smyth threw a whole lot of money at the tourism industry and did not take it very far at all.

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