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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 4 Hansard (2 April) . . Page.. 1248 ..

Opposition members interjecting-

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Quinlan has the floor.

MR QUINLAN: I was responding to Mrs Dunne's point of order, which I shall continue to do.

Mrs Dunne: On the point of order, haven't you already dealt with the point of order? Mr Speaker?

MR SPEAKER: Mrs Dunne, resume your seat. I understood that you were answering a question, Mr Quinlan.

MR QUINLAN: Mr Speaker, I will clarify matters, if I may. I was answering a question. Mrs Dunne arose and made a point of order. I was responding to that point of order when you permitted Mr Cornwell to take a further point of order. You then asked me to desist from taking a point of order on his point of order. I am now back to making a response to Mrs Dunne's first point of order.

MR SPEAKER: This is getting close to abusing the standing orders in respect of points of order. Mrs Dunne raised a point of order in relation to standing order 58, as I recall. I ruled against her, so you did not need to respond to it.

Mrs Dunne: That was why I stood up to make a point of order. I thought you had already concluded that.


Mrs Dunne: So can he answer the question?

MR SPEAKER: I have already ruled against Mrs Dunne on that point of order, so you do not need to respond. The air is clear. Would you like to come back to the question?

MR QUINLAN: Thank you. Was that before Mr Cornwell raised his point of order?

MR SPEAKER: If you push me too far, I will order you to resume your seat, Minister.

MR QUINLAN: That is okay. What I was actually doing was addressing the preamble of the question, which I rather think I should be allowed to do-should I not, Mr Speaker?


MR QUINLAN: The preamble of the question mentioned in part what I said, and mentioning it only in part would communicate to the reasonable person-should there be one-a total misconception of what I was saying. Therefore, most of the question does not stand because it is based on a misleading quotation from me-misleading because it was only a quotation in part.

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