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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 4 Hansard (27 March) . . Page.. 945 ..

MR BERRY: It is not up to you whether you-

MR SPEAKER: Unless it relates to your personal explanation concerning Hare-Clark.

MR BERRY: And it does, Mr Speaker, because it clarifies my position and does not confuse it as Mr Humphries attempted to do.

Mr Humphries: I just quoted your letter. That is all I did.

MR BERRY: I will read it to you:

Crispin Hull's "Poll position clears track for women"-

which you will recall, if I can editorialise for a moment, proffered the Hare-Clark electoral system as a good thing for women-

is an exercise in self-delusion. It needs nothing more-

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, I have to rise again on a point of order. All I did was quote Mr Berry's letter. I did not make any comment or misrepresentation. How could I have misrepresented him by quoting him?

Mr Hargreaves: On that point of order: Mr Berry is suggesting that the Chief Minister's selective quoting of a particular passage misrepresented him. I urge you to allow him to continue.

MR SPEAKER: I am still waiting to hear where you have been misrepresented by that quote.

MR BERRY: It will come clearly to you. Mr Humphries tried to make the point that Labor was opposed to the Hare-Clark system-

Mr Humphries: That is Labor; that is not you, Mr Berry.

MR BERRY: And he mentioned me in relation to the matter, Mr Speaker. I will make clear what I said in this letter. That is not what I-

MR SPEAKER: Make it clear, please, but that does not require you to read the entire letter, I would imagine.

Mr Moore: Table it, Wayne. We will let you table it if you think it is out of context.

MR SPEAKER: Or use the adjournment debate.

MR BERRY: Mr Speaker, I have been misrepresented here. Are the standing orders any good to me or not when it comes to misrepresentation?

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