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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2001 Week 4 Hansard (27 March) . . Page.. 944 ..

MR SPEAKER: He did not mention what you said, Mr Berry. That is true. You were mentioned.

MR BERRY: I will select from the letter first of all, Mr Speaker, the part where Mr Humphries referred to me in a tirade against other members in this place and the Labor Party in particular.

MR SPEAKER: Never mind about you being misrepresented!

MR BERRY: He quoted the words "to prove the point that the Hare Clarke system has been unkind to the prospects of female candidates". Reading just that part of the letter completely misrepresents my position on this matter and the letter which was reported in the Canberra Times.

Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, I take a point of order. I did not read any part of Mr Berry's letter.

MR BERRY: You did.

Mr Humphries: No, I did not.

MR BERRY: Would you put your job on it?

Mr Humphries: I do not have the question I was answering, but I did not have his letter to read.

MR BERRY: It does not matter. Let me read it and it will all become clear.

MR SPEAKER: No. I want to hear where you claim to have been misrepresented.

MR BERRY: You cannot quote two lines of a letter in the Canberra Times and claim that that states a position in relation the Hare-Clark electoral system. Mr Speaker, you have to consider all that was said. That will become clear.

MR SPEAKER: There is more to it?

MR BERRY: Indeed. Let me read it to you.


Mr Humphries: Mr Speaker, on a point of order: I might correct myself. I did quote a line from Mr Berry's letter to the Canberra Times that simply said that the Hare-Clark system had been unkind to the prospects of female candidates. All I did was quote Mr Berry. How could I have misrepresented him by quoting him?

MR BERRY: He quoted from a letter in the Canberra Times that went a lot further than just the Hare-Clark electoral system.

MR SPEAKER: The question related to the Hare-Clark electoral system. I do not know what else you said in the letter, and I am not interested.

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