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“Ombudsman Act 1989 . . Page.. 943 ..

MR MOORE (11.27): Mr Speaker, I move:

Page 5, line 20, insert the following amendment:

“Ombudsman Act 1989

Subsection 3(1) (definition of ‘prescribed authority’, paragraph (c)) -

Omit ‘or’ (last occurring).

Subsection 3(1)(definition of ‘prescribed authority’, paragraph (d)) -

Add at the end ‘or’.

Subsection 3(1) (definition of ‘prescribed authority’) -

Add at the end the following paragraph:

‘(e) ACTEW Corporation Limited;’.”.

This amendment is to ensure that, in the same way as the Freedom of Information Act is to apply, arising from the previous amendment, the Ombudsman Act will apply. The Ombudsman, being approached in dealing with any government body, should have the right to investigate in the normal way, and that is what my amendment provides for.

MR WHITECROSS (11.28): Mr Speaker, as I foreshadowed, the Labor Party will be supporting this amendment. As I said just a moment ago in relation to the Freedom of Information Act, it shows the benefit of giving time for people to consider these things. We have picked up some of these amendments, and I applaud Mr Moore for picking up this one; but it does leave me wondering what other angles which we have not instantly thought of are out there that we should have picked up. It is good that we have picked up this one. The opportunity for people to complain to the Ombudsman is an important and long-held right, and I am pleased that it is a right that we are going to restore in relation to ACTEW.

MR DE DOMENICO (Minister for Urban Services)(11.29): Mr Speaker, the Government will be supporting Mr Moore's amendment. I reiterate what Mr Moore said. For those people who have not been here long enough to realise it, this is what democracy and debating legislation is all about.

Mr Berry: Go away!

MR DE DOMENICO: Mr Berry says, “Go on!”.

Mr Berry: No; I said, “Go away!”.

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