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MR DE DOMENICO (Minister for Urban Services) (11.24): Ms Horodny must have written her speech prior to coming in here tonight; otherwise, she would have known that the Government has not moved any amendments along those lines. The Government intended to move amendments doing exactly the same thing as Ms Horodny's amendment will do. It was the case that the Government had preferred to change the regulations rather than change the Act. The Government can also count, and the Government is now prepared to support Ms Horodny's amendment, which shows our commitment to the very things that Ms Horodny suggested that we have not any commitment to. So, once again, when people stand up in this place and start talking about people's commitments one way or the other, they perhaps should wait and listen before they open their mouths. We are quite happy to support this amendment because it is, once again, one of those things on which we are prepared to compromise, and that is what it is all about.

MR WHITECROSS (11.25): Mr Speaker, we are happy to support Ms Horodny's amendment. The principles of accountability that Ms Horodny has talked about, which the Freedom of Information Act encapsulates, are ones which the Labor Party is strongly committed to. We are pleased that there is such widespread agreement in the chamber - and I acknowledge the commitment of the Government on this matter - to putting ACTEW back into the purview of the Freedom of Information Act. It perhaps illustrates the difficulties that can arise when legislation is introduced hastily and rushed through. Things like falling out of the coverage of the Freedom of Information Act and the Ombudsman Act can somehow or other get past us. But I acknowledge that, as Mr De Domenico said, having had it pointed out to him, he was intending to move an amendment to fix it. We are pleased to support it.

Mr Berry: What else is wrong with it?

MR WHITECROSS: As Mr Berry interjects, it does make you wonder what else we might have missed. The fact that we have picked this up shows the benefit of consultation and openness in decision-making. We wish that there were more of it.

MR MOORE (11.26): Mr Speaker, in rising to support this amendment, I find it curious that some members are suggesting that, because it has been rushed through, we are lucky that we did not miss it. The process that we have used has ensured that freedom of information is included and it is always part and parcel of the way we debate legislation. The very existence of this amendment and the series of other amendments has shown that members have been active enough to be conscious of certain circumstances and, where the Government has failed to consider all the ramifications and the appropriate aspects of education, other members have put them forward. I look forward to moving what I consider to be a complementary amendment to this one.

Amendment agreed to.

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