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Mr Speaker, it seems to me that we have made a reasonable request. We have said, “Would you please provide for us that information program by program even after we have passed this Bill?”. There is some danger for us in that. We have a situation where, with half of the year's budget gone, it is quite possible that you can come back to us and tell us, “Actually, we moved administratively. We moved $6m out of Government Schooling and across to Canberra Institute of Technology”. You can do that administratively, as I read this Supply Bill that you have provided to us, and that was not possible in the previous year because the Schedule to the Act identified specifically the amount of money that you could put, program for program, as part of supply. I know that this is not your new budget. I know that this is taking money over on a temporary basis, if you like. I know that it extends a previous budget. If you have some awkwardness in some of the areas where you know that you are going to need to adjust the amount of money because you do want to - - -

Debate interrupted.


MR SPEAKER: Order! It being 5.00 pm, I propose the question:

That the Assembly do now adjourn.

Mrs Carnell: I require the question to be put forthwith without debate.

Question resolved in the negative.


Detail Stage


Debate resumed.

MR MOORE: Chief Minister, if you intend to move $3m, $4m or $6m from here to there, surely you would know; so let us know. We are even saying to you that we will pass this Bill. Will you give us information, program by program, on what is intended to be offered to departments as part of their supply? In other words, where are you going to limit their spending? Where are you going to stop them moving money from one spot to another, instead of doing it in this generic way which gives a far deal more flexibility for the bureaucracy without scrutiny by this Assembly. That is what we are after. You have not answered that question, and I am asking you again. Will you do that? If the answer is no, will you start by saying, “No, I will not”, before you give your explanation?

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