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We have made clear what that is about. The announcement we made yesterday was that we were moving three departments into one. In the case of the amendment we are now debating, you add up three departments and put them into one. That is what the amendment does. And so on through the other areas. That is all that is done in this amendment - taking functions and the budget that was associated with them and adding them on; no messing around; just a straight addition.

When you look at all of the other areas you will see that that is the case and the bottom line remains the same. We are just appropriating money to the new structure instead of the old structure. This is what supply Bills do. As we are not basing our Supply Bill on a previous budget that was our previous budget, that makes the whole situation just that much more difficult; but I can guarantee to this Assembly that they will have more information than they know what to do with when the budget comes down in September.

Ms McRae: We want it now.

MRS CARNELL: You want the budget now? I am sorry; I cannot give you the budget now. The budget does not exist now. If the budget existed now we would not have a supply Bill now. It is quite simple. Really, what we are talking about here is simply amounts of money being appropriated to various administrative units and programs, which are all laid out in the Schedule. It is quite simple. It is not difficult. I am disappointed that the Assembly wanted more information. I am more disappointed that not one member of the Assembly asked for more information prior to today.

Mr De Domenico: But you cannot grandstand when you do that. You have to come in here and grandstand.

MRS CARNELL: That is obviously the case. It seems unnecessary to have to go through this process here when anybody could have come and seen me or any of my officials prior to today if there was not enough information in the Supply Bill.

MR MOORE (4.57): Mr Speaker, I wish to speak on this a second time.

MR SPEAKER: Very well. Proceed.

MR MOORE: Thank you, Mr Speaker. We certainly did not get from the Chief Minister a response of the sort that I was hoping for. The response I got indicated to me, in spite of my three examples, that she did not understand what it was I was seeking; so let me try again. Mr Speaker, it seems to me that the opportunity currently exists for substantial amounts of money to be moved from one division to another division, or from one program to another program. Under the old Supply Act 1994-95, that simply did not exist. If it is the Government's intention to move money from one spot to another, tell us, let us know; but do not do it by doing an overview of the amount of money. Let me make sure that I have it right. Do not give us an overview of Education and Training at $122m without dividing it into areas, as was done previously with programs.

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