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Northern Territory have no formal board or council for adult education. In the ACT there is as yet no board or council for adult education. However, Government officers have engaged in consultation with representatives of the adult and community education sector with a view to establishing such a body in the future. I understand that Mr Wood, when he was Minister in the previous Government, met those representatives with a similar purpose in mind.

In relation to the Government's intended action facilitating the implementation of a board and a policy, you will be interested to know that the Government is represented on the MCEETYA task force on adult and community education. In addition, as mentioned, officers of the Government have held discussions with representatives of the adult and community education sector on the setting up of an appropriate council. They are also actively considering options for the development of a range of policies on adult and community education. As for the final part of your question about National Adult Education Week, officers of the Government have been actively involved in the group which is managing this project in the ACT and they have been available to offer advice and assistance. This commitment compares well with that of other jurisdictions, although the ACT Government has not entered into any commitment to provide direct funding to the project at this stage.

Acton-Kingston Land Swap

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, my question is directed to the Chief Minister. In respect of the Kingston-Acton land swap, is there a written agreement with the Commonwealth defining the extent of the land involved? If so, what is that agreement, and what other details does it contain? Also, what is required of the ACT Government in respect of the clearing of the Acton site?

MRS CARNELL: The final details of the agreement between the ACT and the Commonwealth are currently being sorted out at departmental level. There is an agreement in place. There is an agreement in place for the Commonwealth to have control of the Acton Peninsula site and for clearing of that site to be handled by the ACT Government as part of the $13m that was promised by the previous Chief Minister. The ACT Government's commitment is to clear the site and to provide up to $3m in infrastructure. That will come to substantially less than the $13m that had previously been promised.

In return for that, the ACT gets the Kingston foreshore site with maximum planning flexibility. We will not have the NCPA coming in and telling us what to do every time we breathe, which, of course, has happened in the past. What we get is the capacity to get on with one of the most exciting projects that we have had in this city for a long time. What they get is the capacity to go ahead with the Gallery of Aboriginal Australia and the associated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies area, plus, we hope, as I said yesterday, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre that is funded out of the casino premium and, if we have anything to do with it, the Museum of Australia. We think that that is the appropriate way to go. What is happening at this stage is that, at departmental level, timeframes are being sorted out; exactly when bits of - - - 

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