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MS FOLLETT: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. We have heard from Mrs Carnell that she consulted nobody except her Liberal colleagues. Given that Mrs Carnell stated just now that it was not something that needed to be decided in 24 hours - that was her statement - - -

Mrs Carnell: I just said that I did decide it in 24 hours.

MS FOLLETT: Mr Speaker, Mrs Carnell said, right now, that it was not something that needed to be decided in 24 hours.

Mrs Carnell: No; that is not true.

MS FOLLETT: I would stand by that. I ask Mrs Carnell, given that she has not answered the question so far: What did she believe, or what was she led to believe by the Commonwealth, would be the consequences of her not responding in 24 hours? I would mention to her her constant assurances about consultation, and her statements in the press that it was “a bugger of a job” to make that decision because she was not able to consult. Why did she not just tell the Commonwealth that she had to consult? What did they hold over you that made you make that very unwise and ill-considered decision?

MRS CARNELL: What I did say, Ms Follett, was that consultation has happened on this project for years. We have had letters from you to the Prime Minister; we have had the NCPA having workshops; we have had consultation after consultation.

Mr Berry: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I heard you say yesterday that Ministers can answer the question how they like, but do you not think that there ought to be an element of truth in it?

MR SPEAKER: I stand by what I said yesterday, Mr Berry. Please continue, Chief Minister.

Mr Berry: So, truth is not necessary?

MR SPEAKER: I said that I stand by what I said yesterday. I did not refer to your comment today. Ministers can answer the question as they see fit, as you well know, Mr Berry. You have had a lot of experience in this area.

MRS CARNELL: I am very happy to table the letter that I quoted from - there it is - to show that we are actually quoting from real - - -

Ms Follett: It was tabled in 1992, Mrs Carnell, had you been attending.

MRS CARNELL: What I am saying here is that consultation on this site has occurred.

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