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and Mr Moore would be well aware of what they are. These have been granted until at least the end of May 1995, and I think it would be reasonable for the Government to grant more of those until such time as we can sort out a solution to this problem. The alternative is to cut back to a point where some elements of motor sport are not viable in the ACT.

There are many different sorts of motor sport - different sorts of cars, go-karts, motorcycles and so on - and to significantly reduce the number of exemptions under the present regime would almost certainly mean that some of those things could not take place in the ACT, at least not on a sustainable basis.

Mr Moore: Then they have to get better mufflers.

MR HUMPHRIES: I do not believe - and Mr Moore quite correctly paraphrases my view - that an exemption regime in the long term is viable. We have to settle on what the arrangements are and have them, if possible, enshrined in the law, or at least enshrined in some arrangement under the law, so that people know where they stand and there does not have to be a continuous process of government exemption to allow those things to continue. At the moment that solution is not particularly apparent.

I hope that Mr Moore and others in the Assembly will work with the Government to ensure that those compromises can be reached. I would certainly welcome the involvement of non-Government members in that process. My friends across the way - the Greens, for example - might well be capable of injecting some content of sanity into the debate and might well be interested in taking part in some of these negotiations to see whether we cannot reach an acceptable solution. But I would say that it will not be an easy or quick solution, and I urge members of the Assembly to give the Government time to work through the matter and see whether we cannot reach some compromise acceptable to all the parties.

MS HORODNY (12.17): The issue of noise is obviously quite complex and it is, again, one of those issues that cannot be considered in isolation in the ACT. We need to broaden this debate, quite clearly. We have discussions going on at the moment about an international airport for the ACT and a working group on truck parking. It is obviously something that needs to be gone into in more detail so that we can set in place some conditions to cover the wider situation. Mr Moore said that the Government needs to take appropriate action to ensure that local residents, whether in New South Wales or the ACT, are adequately protected from noise pollution. I support Mr Moore in that motion. We need to look at noise regulation as an essential component in planning in the ACT.

MR BERRY (12.18): Mr Speaker, this issue does not end with the issue of noise; it goes to the issue of motor sport and its future in the Territory. There will be some in the community who would advocate the end of motor sport because of a particular environmental commitment; but there are others who rightly argue that motor sport, whilst providing a useful recreation, provides a useful input as well into the development of safer motor cars and all those sorts of things. When you look at the development of the automobile since its early days, you can see that they are much safer now. The numbers of deaths and injuries on the roads have been reduced because of those developments, which proves that claim.

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