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With respect specifically to motor sport, we are fully aware of our responsibilities to protect residents from noise pollution, not only in the ACT but also across the border in New South Wales. In that respect, the border is immaterial. There has been ongoing liaison between the ACT and New South Wales environment protection agencies about noise management at Fairbairn Park. For example, this issue was discussed at a meeting between those two agencies in the middle of last month. As a long-term solution to the problem of motor sport noise experienced by the residents of the Ridgeway and to a lesser extent by the people in Oaks Estate, investigations are being carried out into relocating motor sports from Fairbairn Park to a new site. This would obviously be a highly satisfactory outcome at least for those sorts of events that generate a large amount of noise. But that is an expensive option and a long-term option and will not provide any quick solution to this issue.

Mr Moore: Nor will increasing the number of occasions.

MR HUMPHRIES: I will come to that in a moment. It is not easy for a Territory the size of the ACT to identify another site that would be free of these sorts of noise impacts on residents. We are committed towards adopting a policy of motor sport noise management in line with that operating in New South Wales. That was made clear in both our sports policy and our environment policy, and we need to make sure that we can sustain that arrangement. Of course, that again involves legislation, which means that the Assembly has to be involved in doing that. We are currently considering the best means of implementing that policy and, as I say, we will come back to the Assembly with legislation if that is required.

It is also important in the meantime to be continuing those consultations with the interested parties. I have met with representatives of ACT motor sports, I have met with representatives of residents of the Ridgeway, and I will continue a dialogue with those people in an effort to gain some compromise, to use Mr Moore's word, that will satisfy the parties here. I think there is scope for some direct contact between those parties. Perhaps it has occurred already and, if it has not, perhaps it should occur. I do not think the Government ought to be the first port of call whenever there is a dispute.

Mr Berry: It would have to be regulated under the Boxing Act.

MR HUMPHRIES: Regulation under the Boxing Act might be a very appropriate way of dealing with that problem; the Marquess of Queensberry rules might be required, at the very least. I think it is important for the parties to be sitting down together and trying to talk through these matters, because we face a situation where there are seemingly irreconcilable points of view that, frankly, neither side can afford to sustain.

I am glad to hear Mr Moore say that he supports the continuing operation of motor sport in the ACT. That, of course, is the position of the Government, and, I hope, of everybody in this Assembly. I also am glad to hear him say that a compromise is necessary. He might be aware that the ACT Commissioner for the Environment is currently finalising a report detailing his investigation into the motor sport noise issue, and that will be the starting point for the Government's renewed efforts to bring about some compromise on the matter. In the meantime, motor sport clubs are being granted exemptions under the Noise Control Act to allow them to conduct events subject to certain conditions,

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