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Tuesday, 8 November 1994

Death of Dr P. Wilenski, AC

Death of Mr Gus Petersilka

Questions without notice:

Acton Peninsula - hospice

Government bank accounts - reconciliation

Acton Peninsula - hospice

Assembly members - conflicts of interest

National Museum of Australia

Government purchasing policy

National Museum of Australia

Truck parking - residential areas

Department of Health - public relations unit

Residential land - releases

Acton Peninsula - development

Public events - renting of food sites

Personal explanation


Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions


AusIndustry - memorandum of understanding
(Ministerial statement)

2000 Committee (Ministerial statement)

Broadcasting of Assembly proceedings
(Matter of public importance)

Public works committees - national conference
(Statement by member)

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Planning, Development and Infrastructure - standing committee

Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No. 3) 1994

Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 1994

Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration and Regulation of Providers) Bill 1994

Water Pollution (Amendment) Bill 1994

Electoral (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1994

Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Bill 1994

Status of Women - Commonwealth-State Ministers Conference and recent developments

Arts and culture - Government achievements

Leave of absence to member

Adjournment: Assembly visitors

Answers to questions:

Waste disposal charges (Question No. 1386)

Education and Training portfolio and Environment, Land and Planning portfolio - market or political research (Question No. 1391)

Minister for the Arts and Heritage - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1393)

Minister for Education and Training - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1399)

Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1400)

Treasurer - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1402)

Chief Minister - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1403)

Men’s advisory council (Question No. 1426)

Education and Training portfolio - fraud control consultancy contract (Question No. 1427)

Development application - Kingston (Question No. 1433)

Vacant land - Ainslie (Question No. 1434)

Corroboree Park precinct (Question No. 1435)

Housing Trust properties - insulation (Question No. 1436)

Electoral Commission - public relations consultancy (Question No. 1438)

Rural leases - withdrawal from auction (Question No. 1441)

Housing Trust - three-bedroom houses (Question No. 1443)

Better cities program - urban consolidation study (Question No. 1444)

Dual occupancies - Banks (Question No. 1445)

Legislative Assembly - computer network security (Question No. 1446)

Wednesday, 9 November 1994

Limitation (Amendment) Bill 1994

Suspension of standing and temporary orders

Public Interest Disclosure Bill 1994

Standing orders 171 and 172 - proposed amendments

Questions without notice:

Woden Valley Hospital - bed numbers

Flynn Primary School - fire

Woden Valley Hospital - budget

Taxation - Liberal Party policy

Calvary Hospital - paediatric ward

Residential redevelopment - Yarralumla

Department of Health - public relations unit

Rates - assessment methods

Health expenditure

Rates - payment methods

Health expenditure

Farm vehicles - registration fees

Answers to questions on notice

Land (Planning and Environment) Act - variation to the
Territory Plan

Community Law Reform Committee


National Museum of Australia (Matter of public importance)

Consideration of Assembly business

Interpretation (Amendment) Bill (No. 3) 1993

Statute Law Revision (Penalties) Bill 1993

Legal Affairs - standing committee

Ministerial Advisory Council on Public Education

Industrial relations - Government Service (Ministerial statement)


Thursday, 10 November 1994

Statutory Offices (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 1994

Rates and Land Tax (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1994

Casino Control (Amendment) Bill 1994

Motor Omnibus Services (Amendment) Bill 1994

Betting (Totalizator Administration) (Amendment) Bill 1994

Nature Conservation (Amendment) Bill (No. 2) 1994

National Environment Protection Council Bill 1994

Business Names (Amendment) Bill 1994

Discrimination (Amendment) Bill (No. 3) 1994

Tenancy Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 1994

Victims of Crime Bill 1994

Acts Revision (Victims of Crime) Bill 1994

Evidence (Closed-Circuit Television) (Amendment) Bill
(No. 2) 1994

Dentists (Amendment) Bill 1994

Intoxicated Persons (Care and Protection) Bill 1994

Intoxicated Persons (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1994

Psychologists Bill 1994

Health Legislation (Consequential Amendments) Bill 1994

Poisons and Drugs (Amendment) Bill (No. 3) 1994

Skin Penetration Procedures Bill 1994

Community Initiated Referendums - select committee

Questions without notice:

Harcourt Hill development

Housing - single people

Harcourt Hill development

Traffic arrangements - Mount Neighbour area

Harcourt Hill development

Sport and recreation grants

Harcourt Hill development

Residential redevelopment - Turner-O’Connor area

Tuggeranong Hyperdome


Pre-election period arrangements

Cyclists - speeding in shopping areas

Farm vehicles - registration

Assembly members - conflicts of interest

Harcourt Hill development

Answers to questions on notice


Public Accounts - standing committee

Small business - development and production (Matter of public importance)

Public Accounts - standing committee

Podiatrists Bill 1994

Community Safety Committee

Country town policing - trial community policing program

Labour Ministers Council meeting

Quarterly financial statement and Treasurer’s Advance


Answers to questions:

Minister for Health - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1394)

Minister for Industrial Relations- interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1395)

Minister for Sport - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1396)

Minister for Housing and Community Services - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1397)

Minister for Urban Services - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1398)

Attorney-General - interstate and overseas travel (Question No. 1401)

Housing Trust - Braddon Flats steering committee (Question No. 1413)

Housing Trust - Braddon Flats community guardian service (Question No. 1423)

Housing Trust - domestic violence victims (Question No. 1425)

Car parks - parking of buildings (Question No. 1428)

Vacant building - Griffith (Question No. 1431)

Vacant land - Kingston (Question No. 1432)

Starlight Drive-In site - redevelopment (Question No. 1439)

Urban Services portfolio - diesel fuel purchase (Question No. 1448)

Vacant office space - Civic (Question No. 1451)

Gazette - private advertisements (Question No. 1467)

Appendix 1: Motor Omnibus Services (Amendment) Bill 1994

Appendix 2: Betting (Totalizator Administration) Amendment

Appendix 3: Business Names (Amendment) Bill 1994

Appendix 4: Discrimination (Amendment) Bill (No. 3) 1994

Appendix 5: Tenancy Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 1994

Appendix 6: Psychologists Bill 1994

Appendix 7: Health Legislation (Consequential Amendments)

Appendix 8: Farm vehicles - registration