Tuesday, 14 September 1993

Suspension of standing and temporary orders

Authority to record and broadcast proceedings


Questions without notice:


ACTTAB board

Racing industry

Lawn cemeteries

Flags - distribution

Kick boxing

Smoke detectors

Supply and Tender Agency

Furniture store - Acton Peninsula

Appropriation Bill 1993-94


Electoral Commission

Subordinate legislation and commencement provisions

Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Week (Ministerial statement)

Conservation, Heritage and Environment - standing committee

Tourism and ACT Promotion - standing committee

Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation - standing committee

Social Policy - standing committee

Betterment arrangements (Ministerial statement)

Litter (Amendment) Bill 1993

Dentists Registration (Amendment) Bill 1993

Appropriation (ACT Forests Trust Account) Bill 1993

Violence - national committee

Greenhouse strategy


Answers to questions:

Assembly premises - security guard (Question No 837)

Calwell High School - practice cricket wickets (Question No 851 )

Tourism Commission - staff vacancies and recruitment (Question No 876)

Gallery 3 - Manuka (Question No 889)

Government preschools - average per student costs (Question No 895)

Government schools - discretionary grants (Question No 900)

Secondary colleges - dropout statistics (Question No 902)

Non-government schools - students with disabilities (Question No 906)

Government Service - secondment of officers to ACTCOSS (Question No 915)

Teachers - professional development (Question No 920)

Government schools - average per student costs (Question No 921)

Institute of Technology - apprentice applications and attendances
(Question No 922)

Government schools - electricity and water charges (Question No 930)

Social Policy Committee report - Government response (Question No 931)

School sport and physical education (Question No 933)

Government schools - automatic flushing toilets (Question No 934)


Wednesday, 15 September 1993


Crimes (Amendment) Bill (No 4)1993

Police Offences (Amendment) Bill 1993

Braddon housing development inquiry

Questions without notice:

Health budget

Budget 1993-94

Employment - capital works program

Adoption Act - gazettal

Government Service - voluntary separation scheme

Sports funding

Education budget

Fluoridated toothpaste

Personal explanation


Acts amending regulations - opinion

Victims of crime - Community Law Reform Committee report
(Ministerial statement)

Social Policy - standing committee

Kick boxing

National Autism Week (Ministerial statement)

Public Accounts - standing committee

Stamp Duties and Taxes (Amendment) Bill (No 2) 1993

Business Franchise (Tobacco and Petroleum Products) (Amendment) Bill 1993

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals - national registration scheme

Prisoners (Interstate Transfer) Bill 1993

Age discrimination

Business development - Government's policies (Ministerial statement)


Answers to questions:

Tourism Commission - employees' interstate travel (Question No 873)

Tourism Commission - employees' overseas travel (Question No 874)

Government schools - diplomats' dependants (Question No 907)

Residential development - North Duffy/Holder (Question No 912)

Higgins Primary School - surplus classroom space (Question No 940)

Health portfolio - SES officers (Question No 948)



Thursday, 16 September 1993

Land (Planning and Environment) (Amendment) Bill (No 3) 1993

Bushfire (Amendment) Bill 1993

Motor Traffic (Amendment) Bill (No 4) 1993

Auditor-General - report No 6 of 1993

Auditor-General - report No 7 of 1993

Administration and Procedures - standing committee

Citizen's right of reply

Freedom of speech

Legal Affairs - standing committee

Agricultural and veterinary chemicals - national registration scheme

Boxing Control (Amendment) Bill 1993

Questions without notice:

Cardio-thoracic unit

Chief Minister's Department

Government properties - sales

Adolescent ward

Home and community care program

Health services

Aged persons accommodation

Appropriation Bill 1993-94


Subordinate legislation

Lands acquisition legislation

Parkinson's Disease Awareness Week (Ministerial statement)

Hare-Clark electoral system

Fluoridated toothpaste

Adjournment: Middle East peace accord

Answers to questions:

Government Service - consultants, contractors and temporary
staff (Questions No 825-835)

Oatley Court, Belconnen - parking (Question No 841)

Government Service - tea supplies (Question No 854)

Chief Minister - trade union grants (Question No 877)

Minister for Sport - trade union grants (Question No 878)

Minister for Health - trade union grants (Question No 879)

Minister for Industrial Relations - trade union grants (Question No 880)

Minister for Urban Services - trade union grants (Question No 881)

Attorney-General - trade union grants (Question No 882)

Minister for Housing and Community Services - trade union grants
(Question No 883)

Minister for Education and Training - trade union grants (Question No 884)

Minister for the Arts - trade union grants (Question No 885)

Minister for the Environment, Land and Planning - trade union grants
(Question No 886)

Government primary schools - class sizes (Question No 901)

Institute of Technology - student enrolment statistics (Question No 923)


Rural leases and agistment licences (Question No 954)

Rural property licences (Question No 955)

Abattoir holding paddocks (Question No 956)

Education advisory bodies (Question No 960)

Rural leases - withdrawal and refencing (Question No 965)

Rural leases - withdrawal (Question No 967)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 976)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 981)

Wright Corporate Group companies (Question No 984)

Housing and Community Services portfolio - personal development
consultancy (Question No 989)

Legislative Assembly Secretariat - advertising (Question No 993)


Appendix 1: Acts amending regulations - opinion

Appendix 2: Kick boxing

Appendix 3: Kick boxing

Appendix 4: Parkinson's Disease Awareness Week