Page 2990 - Week 10 - Tuesday, 14 September 1993

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(2) the use by any television station of any part of the recorded proceedings in subsequent news, current affairs and documentary programs and not for the purposes of satire or ridicule; and

(3) the taking of still photographs during the presentation of the Appropriation Bill 1993-94 today and the Leader of the Opposition's speech on the resumption of the debate on Thursday, 16 September 1993, and subsequent debate on the question "That the Bill be agreed to in principle" and the use of such photographs in the print media generally.


MR HUMPHRIES: Madam Speaker, I seek leave to present a petition which does not conform with standing orders as it does not address the Assembly.

Leave granted.

MR HUMPHRIES: Thank you, members. I present an out-of-order petition from 14 residents of Macarthur Park Estate in Tuggeranong requesting a review of the streetscape plan.



MRS CARNELL: My question is to Mr Berry, the Minister for Health. Is the Minister aware that a major ACT developer has stated that Building C at Calvary Hospital could be converted to a 14-bed hospice for under $1m? Given this information, has the Minister investigated the possibility of a joint venture with the private sector, taking into account that this could save the ACT ratepayers over $2m?

MR BERRY: The statement that has been made is not one that I am immediately familiar with; but, Madam Speaker, the decision has been made. If Mrs Carnell wants to proceed down the path of providing a smaller hospice than would be provided by the Government, she is not going to be able to do it because the Government has already made a decision about building a bigger and better one on a better site. This was a very important promise made to the community of the ACT and, as Mrs Carnell would know, the procedure of going through elections in a democracy is part of consultation with the community. As part of our commitment to this community, we are going to deliver the promise that we made to them when we went before the people at the last election. The key promise that we made in relation to a hospice was that it would be on the Acton site. We have announced the position in relation to the hospice and we intend to continue with it.

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