Page 6 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 1991

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Minister for Finance and Urban Services

MR WOOD: Mr Speaker, I direct a question to the Chief Minister. Chief Minister, what action will you take to prevent your Minister for Finance and Urban Services from continuing to abuse the people of Canberra? I note, in particular, his description of Lyons parents as "ratbags" and his suggestion that the legal fraternity could "get stuffed". Have you counselled Mr Duby, or is the Liberal partner in the Alliance quite happy to see the Canberra community abused?

MR KAINE: Mr Speaker, I think that Mr Wood can be assured that Mr Duby and I and the other Ministers of the Cabinet have had a number of discussions over the last 10 to 14 days and - - -

Ms Follett: He is blushing a bit; I must say that he is blushing.

MR KAINE: Who is blushing? Mr Duby? No, that is his natural complexion. We have discussed a range of issues, including the colourful language that some members, not only Ministers, use in referring to some subjects about which they are highly emotive. I think, perhaps, we should do an analysis of the emotive language used by all members of the Assembly, not just one or two of us.

Community Policing Advisory Committee

DR KINLOCH: My question is for Mr Collaery, as Attorney-General. How does the Government propose to seek the views of the community on policing in the ACT?

Ms Follett: Make a statement.

MR COLLAERY: I am invited by the Leader of the Opposition to make a statement. I will do that. Mr Speaker, I will shortly be tabling a report of the first review of police services that has been undertaken pursuant to the schedule of the arrangement with the Australian Federal Police and the Federal Government. Today, the Government also announced the establishment of a Community Policing Advisory Committee, to report in advance of the June 1991 review. Members will recall that there are going to be regular reviews of the policing arrangement, and members will also recall that the Government undertook, early this year, to set in train a community consultative mechanism. I believe that Mr Moore was one of the members who were seeking that mechanism.

The committee, Mr Speaker, will comprise representatives from community groups and interested individuals. It will assess community views on ACT policing and assess the appropriateness of the goals, objectives and priorities of policing; and it will set out its views on the policing

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