Page 5 - Week 01 - Tuesday, 12 February 1991

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MR KAINE: I do not know anything about the 1989 Estimates Committee. I had five days off. Is that okay? It was five days. I believe that the leave that I have taken is reasonable. The travel that I have undertaken is reasonable. It is not inconsistent with what Ministers and heads of government in other administrations take. I make no apology for it - not to you, or to anybody else, Mr Berry.

Belconnen Remand Centre

MR JENSEN: Mr Speaker, my question is directed to Mr Collaery in his capacity as Minister for corrective services. I refer the Minister to a leading article in last week's Community Times. Minister, is there any truth in the suggestion that there has been some kind of cover-up about allegations of misconduct at the Belconnen Remand Centre?

MR COLLAERY: I thank Mr Jensen for the question. Of course, the answer is no, there has been no cover-up. Mr Stevenson was provided with a very comprehensive response to a series of questions on notice. I believe that 28 questions on notice were placed on the notice paper in September 1990. Some of the matters alluded to by Mr Stevenson were still the subject of ongoing appeals by Mr Albrighton. Others were the subject of contemporaneous investigations, and Mr Stevenson's questions have been answered. It is clear, I believe, that Mr Stevenson can now concede to the Community Times that there is no cover-up, that those matters have been fully inquired into and that other matters are still in train.

Schools Location Legislation

MR MOORE: Mr Speaker, my question is to Mr Norm Jensen in his capacity as chairman of the Committee on Planning, Development and Infrastructure. Mr Jensen, on 20 November, a Tuesday evening, in this house, there was a reference to the planning committee by the Minister for Education, Mr Humphries, concerning the Schools Location Bill. I wonder what action the planning committee has taken on that Schools Location Bill, particularly considering the relevance of that issue at this particular moment.

MR JENSEN: In answer to Mr Moore's question: At this stage, Mr Speaker, in view of the fact that the planning committee is in the process of commencing an investigation and a consideration of the package of legislation, we have not, in fact, commenced the inquiry into the Bill that Mr Moore refers to.

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