Page 219 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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MR HUMPHRIES: Hopefully, very little disturbance. I would hope that the disturbance occasioned so far is the most disturbance that will be experienced and, in fact, that the regional office can locate into Maribyrnong, or whichever school it might go to. I emphasise that I am not going to force a square peg into a round hole. If Maribyrnong really does not want the regional office, it does not have to have it. I have to emphasise that there are a number of schools in the Belconnen region that would be very keen to be the home for the regional office. I make no secret of that fact. I have already indicated quite clearly that, if the school does not want it, the school does not have to have it.

Mr Duby: Spence primary will take it.

MR HUMPHRIES: I have just been told that Spence primary will volunteer. I am sure there are many other schools that would line up for it. The point is that Mrs Grassby need not fear that the Government will force an unwilling school to accept the regional office. It is our intention to ensure that the school that takes the regional office actually wants it. That was certainly the indication that the Government had when it had negotiations with Maribyrnong school on the subject over the last few weeks. As I indicated, if the school is unwilling to accept it we can make other arrangements.

West Belconnen Development

MRS NOLAN: My question is to the Chief Minister in his capacity as Minister responsible for planning. Why was so little time given for public comment on the development proposals for west Belconnen, and will the Government extend this time?

Ms Follett: That was my question. They have already done it. You must have been on holidays too.

Mr Berry: Mr Duby agreed.

Ms Follett: He agreed.


MR KAINE: I agreed to what?

Ms Follett: Mr Duby did it. You were away too.

MR KAINE: I do not know what Mr Duby did while the Assembly was not in session but - - -

Mr Duby: I do not know what they are talking about.


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