Page 218 - Week 01 - Wednesday, 13 February 1991

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It is likely, therefore, that the court's decision will not be of as much significance in the ACT as it might be in other jurisdictions. In that sense, we are already well down the track of protecting our workers and others against the effects of passive smoking.

Maribyrnong Primary School

MRS GRASSBY: I would like to inform Mr Collaery that the branch I belong to is the most multicultural branch in Canberra. It is 20 times larger than the Residents Rally. Mr Wood knows it very well because he visits it a lot as a visiting MLA and he knows how many members there are. My question is to Mr Humphries - - -

Mr Kaine: Do I get to answer that question?

MR SPEAKER: Nobody asked a question of Mr Collaery, "Do you know?".

MRS GRASSBY: Now he knows it. Maybe he is a bit brighter than he was this morning. Maybe he will not be so easily done as he was this morning by Mr - - -

MR SPEAKER: Who was the question to, Mrs Grassby?

MRS GRASSBY: My question is to Mr Humphries. Have discussions resumed between Maribyrnong Primary School and the Education Department about the location of the Belconnen regional office, and what stage has been reached? Is the regional office currently operating from a truck?

MR HUMPHRIES: I thank the member from the multicultural branch for her question. I can say, first of all, that the regional office is not operating from a truck; although, it is true that many members of the regional office spend much of their time on the road, moving around schools in the district, looking at problems and dealing with issues. In a sense, many of them would continue to operate from their cars, or at the particular schools they happen to visit.

The particular officers who would normally be spending time in the regional office are obviously not at Cook at the moment or at Maribyrnong. They are operating from other places; wherever it might be convenient for them to base themselves while the issue of the regional office is being sorted out. Negotiations are continuing with Maribyrnong. In fact, I expect there to be some imminent breakthrough in that matter. In fact, I was discussing that matter with officers of my department only last night. I would expect there to be some developments in that matter quite shortly.

MRS GRASSBY: I have a supplementary question. What disturbance will there be to the children and teachers as a result of the move?

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