Page 2837 - Week 10 - Wednesday, 15 August 1990

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Wednesday, 15 August 1990


MR SPEAKER (Mr Prowse) took the chair at 10.30 am and read the prayer.

Proposed Amendments

MR BERRY (10.31): I move:

That the following amendments be made to the standing orders:

Delete existing 200 and replace with -

 "No proposal for the appropriation of any public moneys shall be proposed in the Assembly except by a Minister. Such proposals may be introduced by a Minister without notice.

Amend 201 by deleting from the first line "a money" and inserting "an appropriation".

The motion arises in the wake of what many will describe as a political atrocity by the government members. As is a matter of record, this Government has set out to prevent debate and, more particularly, prevent some of its members being put in the limelight as to their vote on particular issues concerning schools and hospitals.

I need to talk about the Residents Rally party and its members in particular in the course of this debate. I need also to talk about No Self Government members and their expected actions on the basis of past performance. Dr Kinloch, whom I just noticed welcoming the youngsters from Lyons Primary School, would have been asked to cross the floor on whether that school should close.

This Government has set out to ensure that the likes of Dr Kinloch are not put in the limelight on the subject. If Dr Kinloch lived by his longstanding public position - that is, support for public education - if he is as honourable as he likes to portray, one would expect that he would cross the floor. This Government has set out to ensure that no such pressure is put on him and, similarly, that no such pressure is put on the likes of Minister Collaery or expectant Minister Jensen. They deserve to have that sort of pressure put on them because they have ratted on the people who elected them. That is why Labor has proposed this motion. The Government has made it clear that it does not want that sort of pressure put on its members because it would be embarrassing. It would further wreck, I must emphasise, the chances of re-election of these people who committed electoral fraud.

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