Page 1336 - Week 04 - Thursday, 5 May 2022

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MR CAIN: Maybe there are not any trees. Maybe it is not moving towards any creeks or rivers. I do not know. They seem to know better than us, don’t they, about the geography of Canberra?

Mr Gentleman: Well, we are in government.

MR CAIN: And you are taking that for granted. Because you are taking it for granted, you do not seem to care about what Canberrans wish for. You are arrogant, Minister; you are arrogant.

Mr Pettersson: On a point of order. Madam Speaker, I would ask that the member direct his remarks through the chair.

MADAM SPEAKER: Any remarks are to go through the chair, but if remarks are made by people that are not on the floor and part of the debate, I suggest you be very quiet.

MR CAIN: I am glancing at you often, Madam Speaker.

MADAM SPEAKER: Remarks are to be addressed through the chair, Mr Cain.

MR CAIN: Surely this government has risen to a new level of arrogance by saying, “Well, we can do this because we’re in government.” How about doing what Canberrans want? Because that is actually why you are in government. I am flabbergasted, again, by the Greens commentary in particular, because their commentary would have meant nothing would have happened in Ginninderry. The western edge investigation would be pulled immediately; it would be stopped. And in relation to any other investigation by the government into any other expansion of the current footprint—apparently it is going to be 30 per cent—if you take the Greens’ words, we should not be doing that.

I cannot understand the opposition to a motion, particularly for the benefit of the citizens of Tuggeranong, to investigate the potential for further development. The government did such a thing back in 2016. It came to a conclusion quite a while ago. It is time for a fresh look, because Canberra has changed and Canberrans are showing what their preferences are, which is something this government does not seem to care about very much at all. I support Ms Lee’s motion.

MS LEE (Kurrajong—Leader of the Opposition) (5.50): In response to Mr Gentleman’s amendment, and also in closing, I think this debate has demonstrated, once again, that hypocrisy is rank amongst the Labor and the Greens members. These are the members who will force Canberrans into units whether they like it or not, who will force 70 per cent of Canberrans into high-rise apartment towers whether they like it or not. Of course, they are saying this and reflecting on it in the comfort of their home, whilst overlooking a big backyard. It is okay; they have got their house. They have got their house and it is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. I think it is obvious that hypocrisy is rank amongst the Labor and Greens members.

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