Page 1262 - Week 04 - Thursday, 5 May 2022

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government then get some policy action happening. We might save ourselves a lot of time if Mr Davis came in here and just presented a motion that he become the fourth member of every committee that he is not currently on. We could save a hell of a lot of time in here.

Additionally, in Mr Davis’s speech he talked about the landlord class. I just wonder if Mr Davis is in the landlord class or if he is not? I do not know what actually qualifies you to be in the landlord class. The chair of the committee has politely welcomed this motion. I do not think I need to say any more.

MS CHEYNE (Ginninderra—Assistant Minister for Economic Development, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Business and Better Regulation, Minister for Human Rights and Minister for Multicultural Affairs) (12.01): Speaking very briefly on behalf of the government, I wish to acknowledge that we do recognise, as I think Mr Davis covered comprehensively in his speech, that Airbnb has disrupted several sectors and markets, including the rental market but also the hotel and the tourism markets. I acknowledge that there have been different effects, depending on the sector. It has not been all the same. I also think it is important to acknowledge the recent research that Airbnb itself has been disrupted by the pandemic.

We are in the hands of the committee regarding the inquiry, which I think has been underlined in several speeches already. Given the myriad of issues presented, the government believe that this is an issue that does lend itself to an inquiry and we stand ready to engage if it proceeds. We do, though, note that the motion requests, at paragraph (4), that any other related matter be considered. I appreciate that Mr Davis flagged this in his own speech, but in that context I really would like to draw to the committee’s attention that, while the motion focuses quite significantly on the rental market, there are those other markets at play here. We would suggest that the scope of the inquiry be sufficiently broad to capture those markets too.

MR DAVIS (Brindabella) (12.03), in reply: It is encouraging to have a debate in the Assembly where we all fundamentally agree with one another, so we have to find something to say. I appreciate it, particularly the contributions from Mr Parton. I will pick up on some of the contributions from Mr Parton, though. Can I just say, as a fellow member for Brindabella, Mr Parton, perhaps it is great that we are both not shy about getting our mug in the paper. It elevates the voices of our 70-odd thousand constituents that we both share. And may that be a model of representation to all members of Brindabella in this place. I do not mind being accused of wanting to talk about important things in the media all the time.

I am delighted to hear that the members of the planning committee seem enthusiastic about this body of work. Certainly, the order in which it comes or when it happens or the exact terms of reference, I am rather agnostic over. As long as the good thing happens, the good thing happens. I would encourage those in the community with a view on this area of public policy to start getting their submissions ready. At the risk of speaking too soon over the chair, Ms Clay, it would appear that we are going to have this very important conversation.

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