Page 960 - Week 03 - Thursday, 7 April 2022

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… single level age-in places, shop top living, build to rent, share-housing, loft style, courtyard, terrace house, mews and manor.

There is nothing in there about high-rise towers back to back to back.

Whilst we are on listening to the community, let us repeat the figures, because these stats are staggering: over 12,000 applications for 101 blocks in Whitlam and over 8,000 applications for 71 blocks in Macnamara. So if you want to listen to 36 people, yes, they are valid views. Yes, they are infill, which specifically asks for a mix of dwelling sizes and diversity of dwelling types. Let us add to that the community, which has spoken extremely loudly: over 12,000 people for 101 blocks and over 8,000 people for 71 blocks. Let us not forget those Canberrans, the desperate Canberrans who want some choice. That is their choice and they are being deprived of it.

Radio station hit104.7 asked their listeners to tell them why they moved out of Canberra. Almost all the comments mentioned housing, and I will just repeat a few here. James says:

I can imagine plenty of young couples will move away because it is just about impossible to get into our overinflated housing market.

Steph says:

I have lived here my whole life. Our house here is too tiny for our big family but you would need a Powerball win to upsize in Canberra.

Collette says:

I never thought I would ever see the day that a two-beddy with a parking space and an outdoor living area was only affordable to the wealthy.

And these are only a few of the examples of the hundreds of comments on that post. So much for “a house for all”.

Mr Gentleman spoke at great length and talked up the opportunities that are available in medium density housing. In fact, he thanked me for bringing on this motion that says, “Hey, let’s have some more options in medium density.” Yet again we see, as is always the case with the Labor-Greens government, that their words do not line up with the reality. They do not live in the real world. If medium density housing is such a great idea and Mr Gentleman is so much in support of it, why is it that, under his own government’s indicative land release program for the next five years, only five per cent is allocated to medium density housing? Why is it that he comes into this place, talks up the great opportunities in medium density housing, but where it really counts, the allocation in the new land releases for housing, he has allocated a paltry five per cent—882 compared to 11,381 high-rise apartment dwellings? Answer that, Mr Gentleman.

This is a government that is completely out of touch with reality. This is a government that is completely out of touch with what the community needs and wants. There has

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