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Tuesday, 11 May 2021


Self-government in the territory—32nd anniversary (Statement by Speaker)

Paper (Out-of-order petition)

Crime—sexual assault (Ministerial statement)

COVID-19 pandemic response—update (Ministerial statement)

Bradyn Dillon—coronial inquest (Ministerial statement)

Planning—Gungahlin town centre (Ministerial statement)

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Utilities Amendment Bill 2021

Questions without notice:

Education—schools performance

Education—schools performance

Education—schools performance


Federal government—budget



Education—schools performance

Planning—Territory Plan

Government—sexual assault prevention and response working group

Government—sexual assault prevention and response working group

Government—Ministerial Advisory Council on Women

Schools—hazardous materials

Planning—active transport

Canberra Hospital—expansion


A Step Up For Our Kids—update

Our Booris Our Way—update

Children and young people—out of home care

Planning, Transport and City Services—Standing Committee
(Statement by Speaker)

Planning—Gungahlin town centre

Standing orders—suspension


Multicultural affairs—peace pole

Ahmadiyya mosque

Mr John Marshall—tribute

Mrs Margaret Reid, AO—commemoration

Environment—fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty


Jonty Duvall—parliamentary representation

International Compost Awareness Week

Standing orders—suspension

ME/CFS Awareness Week

Planning—Kippax group centre flooding potential

Women—health services

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Petitions: Planning—Giralang shops—petitions 1-21 and 4-21
(Ministerial response)

Motion to take note of petitions

COVID 19—economy (Ministerial statement)

Health—nurses and midwives (Ministerial statement)

Transport—recovery plan (Ministerial statement)

Business—Better Regulation Taskforce (Ministerial statement)

Personal explanation

Civil Law (Wrongs) Amendment Bill 2021

Questions without notice:

Government—business support

Molonglo Valley—community facilities

Planning—entertainment precincts


Transport—COVID 19

Roads—Boboyan Road

Municipal services—cyclepaths

Planning—green waste

Health—nurse led walk in centres

Building—proposed developer licensing scheme

Roads—traffic management

Energy—Zero Carbon Certification Scheme

Parking—delivery vehicles

Municipal services—tree removal

Industrial relations—work safety

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Government—business support


Education—trans and gender diverse students

Yerrabi electorate—Yerrabi Pond

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2021


Multicultural affairs—Sri Lankan new year events

Seniors—scams on the elderly

Arts—COVID 19

Family violence services—funding

Disability—Women with Disabilities ACT

Arts—recent achievements

Ginninderra electorate—SMILE nature based playground

Seniors—Silver is Gold Festival

Standing orders—suspension

Adjournment: Environment—swift parrot

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Nature—Canberra (Ministerial statement)

Disability services—National Disability Insurance Scheme
(Ministerial statement)

Planning—age-friendly city plan (Ministerial statement)

Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2021

Legislative Assembly—conduct

Economy and Gender and Economic Equality—Standing Committee

Domestic Animals Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

Questions without notice:

Alexander Maconochie Centre—incident

Alexander Maconochie Centre—disciplinary action

Alexander Maconochie Centre—chemical agent use

Planning—sporting facilities

Organ and tissue donation—acknowledgement

Municipal services—glyphosates use

Health—quarantine facilities

Advertising—use on public transport

Canberra Institute of Technology—board membership

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—legal services


Environment—Climate Change Action Plan



Reconciliation Day—events

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Alexander Maconochie Centre—chemical agent use

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—legal services

Planning—Territory Plan



Chief Health Officer’s Report 2020

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

ACT Health—workplace culture

COVID-19—Indian community

Legislative Assembly—conduct

Mr James Milligan—resolution

Commissioner for Standards—referral


Children and young people—out of home care

Federal budget—education

Parking—delivery vehicles


Multicultural affairs—Eid al-Fitr events

COVID-19—Indian community

Answers to questions:

Florey shops—delivery vehicles (Question No 135)

Government—invoices (Question No 141)

Municipal services—footpaths (Question No 146)

Municipal services—Gungahlin pond (Question No 147)

Roads—noise complaints (Question No 149)

Municipal services—community gardens (Question No 150)

Domestic Animal Services—rangers (Question No 153)

Disability services—National Disability Insurance Scheme
(Question No 159)

Trees—removal (Question No 164)

Municipal services—footpaths (Question No 165)

Municipal services—tree management (Question No 168)

Planning—Charnwood (Question No 169)

Parking—ownership and management (Question No 170)

Municipal services—contracting policy (Question No 171)

Trees—canopy (Question No 173)

Schools—concept of consent (Question No 176)

Roads—traffic data (Question No 177)

Lake Tuggeranong—waste dumping (Question No 178)

Municipal services—Bonner (Question No 179)

Motor vehicles—registration (Question No 181)

Domestic animal services—dog registration cost (Question No 182)

Municipal services—fix my street (Question No 183)

Parks and reserves—budget (Question No 185)

Energy—gas meters (Question No 186)

Access Canberra—working with vulnerable people applications
(Question No 187)

Municipal services—mowing (Question No 188)

Housing—rates (Question No 191)

Litter—offences (Question No 193)

Lake Tuggeranong—water quality (Question No 196)

Public housing—Strong Connected Neighbourhoods program
(Question No 197)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders—legal services
(Question No 201)

Parking—limited time (Question No 203)

Parking—limited time (Question No 204)

Transport—Lawson bus services (Question No 206)

Building—quality (Question No 209)

ACT Health—psychiatry registrars (Question No 211)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—oversight committee
(Question No 221)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—nicotine replacement therapy
(Question No 222)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Molonglo Valley—community facilities

Budget—capital works

Casey—community recreation park


Arts—dementia-friendly access

Arts—dementia-friendly access




Environment—green buildings

Family and domestic violence—legislation