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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Leave of absence


Planning—Phillip—petition 15-19

Planning—Phillip—petition 25-18

Planning—Parkwood—petition 16-19

ACTION bus service—school services—petition 17-19

Motion to take note of petitions

Planning—Phillip and Parkwood—petitions 25-18, 15-19 and 16-19

ACTION bus service—school services—petition 17-19

Environment and Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Papers (Out-of-order petitions)

Environment and Transport and City Services—Standing Committee

Standing orders—suspension

ACT Integrity Commissioner—reaffirmation of approval of appointment

Standing orders—suspension

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm

Fuel Pricing—Select Committee

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Education, Employment and Youth Affairs—Standing Committee

Integrity Commission—Standing Committee

Bushfire season (Ministerial statement)

Water Resources Amendment Bill 2019

Senior Practitioner Amendment Bill 2019

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Questions without notice:

Electricity—feed-in tariff


Mental health—gaming disorder

Mental health—computer use


ACTION bus service—wheelchair accessible buses



Alexander Maconochie Centre—reintegration centre

Justice—parole conditions

Budget—ACT Policing

Education—phonics checks

Canberra Hospital—electrical systems

Environment—water quality

Appropriation Bill 2019-2020

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2019 2020

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:

Justice—parole conditions

Electricity—feed-in tariff



Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Senior Practitioner Amendment Bill 2019

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Environment—waste disposal


Environment—waste disposal

Government—taxes and charges

Employment—job security

Questions without notice:

Public housing—relocations

Government—land sales

Public housing—relocations

Budget—fiscal strategy

Public housing—relocations

Public housing—safety

Public housing—safety

Canberra—community facilities


Hospitals—emergency department waiting times

Health—nurse-led walk-in centres

Transport Canberra and City Services—logistical challenges

Municipal services—cemeteries

Hospitals—waiting times

Budget—disability services

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Municipal services—cemeteries


Employment—job security


Recycling—solar panels



Canberra Japan Club autumn festival

ACT public service—questions on notice

Public housing—relocations

Virtual reality



Budget—Yerrabi electorate

Public housing—relocations

Bruce Toastmasters

Thursday, 6 June 2019


Canberra Hospital—hydrotherapy pool—petition 18-19

Canberra Hospital—hydrotherapy pool—petition 10-19

Motion to take note of petitions

Canberra Hospital—hydrotherapy pool—petitions 10-19 and 18-19

Paper (Out-of-order petition)

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Health, Ageing and Community Services—Standing Committee

Ministerial delegation to the United Kingdom (Ministerial statement)

Government—safer families policy (Ministerial statement)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—report of a review of a critical incident—
government response (Ministerial statement)

ACT Teacher Quality Institute Amendment Bill 2019

Questions without notice:


Community housing—land release



Budget—emergency services

Government—fees and charges




Budget—housing and homelessness


Planning—land release program

ACTION bus service—network

Child care—costs

Appropriation Bill 2019-2020

Reference to Select Committee on Estimates 2019-2020


ACT Place Names Committee and guidelines review

Auditor-General’s report No 2 of 2019—government response

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre report—government response

ACT Children and Young People Death Review Committee—annual report

Auditor-General’s report No 2 of 2019—government response

Sentencing (Drug and Alcohol Treatment Orders) Legislation Amendment
Bill 2019

Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Litter Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Republic of Kiribati—40th anniversary

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Executive business—precedence

Integrity Commission Amendment Bill 2019

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Renewable Electricity Target)
Amendment Bill 2019


Mental health—R U OK

Budget—Kurrajong electorate

Mr Frank Armstrong—tribute

Australian Broadcasting Corporation police raid

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Integrity Commission Amendment Bill 2019

Answers to questions:

Canberra Hospital—radiology department (Question No 2140)

Canberra Hospital—operating theatres (Question No 2312)

Health—ophthalmology services (Question No 2349)

Hospitals—cleaning procedures (Question No 2352)

Hospitals—pharmacy dispensing arrangements (Question No 2372)

Hospitals—staff stress leave (Question No 2373)

Government—working groups (Question No 2382)

Municipal services—littering and dumping (Question No 2391)

Animals—animal welfare complaints (Question No 2393)

Sport—ground hire (Question No 2397)

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—staffing (Question No 2399)

Education—staff behaviour (Question No 2404)

Light rail—tree planting (Question No 2405)

ACTION bus service—animals (Question No 2411)

Animals—breeders (Question No 2417)

Budget—health (Question No 2422)

ACT Health—non-ACT patients (Question No 2424)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—remandees (Question No 2429)

Emergency services—communications (Question No 2433)

Emergency services—minimum crewing (Question No 2434)

Bushfires—management (Question No 2435)

Roads—William Slim Drive (Question No 2436)

Roads—resurfacing (Question No 2437)

Roads—resurfacing (Question No 2438)

ACTION bus service—route alterations (Question No 2439)

ACT Health—domestic violence training (Question No 2440)

ACT Health—child protection (Question No 2441)

ACTION bus service—school services (Question No 2442)

ACTION bus service—school services (Question No 2443)

ACTION bus service—school services (Question No 2444)

ACT Health—child protection (Question No 2445)

ACT Health—cultural competency training (Question No 2446)

Child and youth protection services—review (Question No 2447)

ACT public service—workers compensation (Question Nos 2448-2485)

Government—visa applications (Question No 2486)

Light rail—launch (Question No 2488)

Government—taxes and charges (Question No 2489)

Government—taxes and charges (Question No 2490)

Sport—ice rink (Question No 2494)

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders—housing (Question No 2496)

Transport Canberra—staffing (Question No 2497)

ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 2498)

Access Canberra—working with vulnerable people check
(Question No 2499)

Vehicles—registration (Question No 2500)

ACTION bus service—staffing (Question No 2501)

ACTION bus service—data (Question No 2502)

Canberra—events (Question No 2524)

National Multicultural Festival—funding (Question No 2547)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Disability services—specialist accommodation

Canberra Health Services—unauthorised examinations

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children—examinations policy

Canberra Health Services—consent for procedures

Canberra Health Services—unauthorised examinations