Page 4909 - Week 13 - Tuesday, 27 November 2018

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Ginninderra and the people of Ginninderra who have put their faith in me time and again. I would like to pay tribute also to the members of the Ginninderra branch of the Liberal Party, and the wider Liberal Party in the ACT, for their work and for the support they give us in here. It is a two-way street and I am very grateful for the support that we receive.

To the Clerk and the staff of the Legislative Assembly, through you Madam Speaker, I would like to pass on my thanks, particularly to the hardworking committee office and my own hardworking committee secretary, who goes above and beyond in a very difficult and busy time. I think I have been on four different committees this year. I am still on some of them. I really do pay tribute to the hardworking committee office for the amount of work that they turn out.

While it is not quite Christmas time, it is still only November, I have been thinking about Christmas gifts for my own family. And I feel a little difficult about this but I was thinking about the sorts of Christmas gifts that we could give to members here in the Assembly. Every year I like to encourage people to cut down on their spending. In this spirit, I have a suggestion for Christmas presents for each of the members that will not only be good on Christmas Day, but may last through the holidays. Also, generally speaking, they are low cost.

For Mr Barr, I think a staycation is what is needed, which would make a pleasant change from jetting off to China, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Berlin, Madrid, Zaragoza, Hong Kong, LA, New York—there are others. For Ms Berry, I think what would really make her Christmas would be to ensure that her chicken house had full renos and that it was both fox free and so egalitarian as to be pecking order free.

For Miss Burch, Miss Candice Burch, I would offer her a party bus, but one that ran on a timetable. For you, Madam Speaker, a practical gift: the special edition combined set of Erskine May, Odgers’ and House of Representatives Practice. Actually, it was Ms Cheyne who got me thinking on this because I came across something in my Facebook feed that was absolutely up her alley. It was an LED personalised my little pony lamp. For Ms Cody, I did struggle for a while and then I thought I came across the perfect gift: life membership of the CFMMEU.

Mr Coe is building a deck; so for him, I offer time to chillax on that deck. For Ms Fitzharris, I know that what she is really looking for in 2019 is at least one good health story. Mr Gentleman is going to get a pen pal kit, because I know that if he really practises writing to people, he will feel more comfortable in writing to his constituents and members of the Canberra Liberals.

Mr Hanson will get a motorcycle cruise with the presidents of the Canberra chapters of the Rebels, the Finks and the Comancheros, because I know that he is a very persuasive person. By the end of the cruise I expect that they will all agree to pack up and leave. Mrs Jones, you get the thing that I always offer myself at this time of the year, which is an unadulterated day in bed doing nothing, except perhaps reading—and you will enjoy it and you will relax.

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