Page 3745 - Week 12 - Wednesday, 28 October 2015

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in public hands and that we will not be cutting jobs. This plan is about making ACTION better for everyone, not cutting services and not selling off essential public services. I think those opposite would do well to put their position on the public record and stand with us in support of this essential public service.

Dr Bourke: On a point of order, Madam Speaker, Mr Hanson is continuing to interrupt the Chief Minister in his answer, which is disorderly.

MADAM SPEAKER: Thank you. The Chief Minister has finished. Mr Hanson was interjecting but no more—considerably less—than he usually does.

Dr Bourke: Further to the point of order, Madam Speaker, whether he is interjecting less or more than he usually does is not actually a matter for the standing orders; it is the fact that the was interjecting and interrupting the Chief Minister’s speech.

MADAM SPEAKER: On the point of order, I chose not to rule on that because the Chief Minister had finished and because I have taken the view that a reasonable amount of interjection is acceptable in this place. If you want to go down the path of my requiring all of you to be silent all the time you will be very bored and you will not enjoy it. We could try it if you like.

Floriade—proposed relocation

MR WALL: My question is to the Minister for Planning regarding reports that Floriade will be moving to Glebe Park potentially from 2017. Residents of Reid and other suburbs close to the city have raised concerns about the impact of Floriade on their amenities. Residents have raised concerns with the opposition that the government has not consulted with residents associations or other stakeholders on this issue. Minister, when will the government consult with residents of Reid, Braddon, Campbell and Ainslie about the proposal to move Floriade to Glebe Park?

MR BARR: Madam Speaker, I have responsibility for Floriade, as minister for events, so I will take this question. I thank Mr Wall for the question. Members would be aware that Floriade is held in Commonwealth Park, a site managed and owned by the National Capital Authority. The National Capital Authority advised the ACT government that they would not make Commonwealth Park available to us for Floriade in the form that it was previously available over the last 28 years. They had a range of concerns associated with the event. A number of these concerns have been articulated publicly but include the length of time required to set up the event and then to bump the event out. They also have concerns in relation to damage to some mature trees within the park that they believe the event causes. They have advised the ACT government that it was not their intention to renew our rental arrangement on the facility and gave us notice of that some time ago to give us some time to consider alternative options.

Mr Wall may not be aware, because he has not been in this place for that long, that there have been a number of studies looking into a permanent site for Floriade over the last 10 years that have considered a range of different options. In relation to Glebe Park, that is one of the options that have been put forward for consideration. No decision has been taken to move Floriade to Glebe Park. Were any decision taken to

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