Page 3368 - Week 11 - Wednesday, 23 September 2015

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delivering the necessary infrastructure for these same residents is, of course, also a priority for the government. That is why the government has undertaken extensive work and already invested in design and planning for stage 2. I note that this is the same work the opposition has relied on to re-announce what is already ACT government policy. That is why the government will be pleased to support Mrs Jones’s motion. It urges the government to progress the work on Cotter Road stage 2, as we already intended to do.

MR HANSON (Molonglo—Leader of the Opposition) (10.30): I start by commending Mrs Jones for this motion today. As a Weston Creek resident, a mother of five children who works and who has a husband that works, Mrs Jones understands the challenges faced by the people of Weston Creek, who, indicative of many other people across this great city of ours, need to rely on their motor vehicles to get to work, drop kids off and move about this wonderful city of ours. The increasing pressure on Cotter Road because of the Molonglo development means that road infrastructure in, around and into Weston Creek and Molonglo and out of those areas is vitally important. I know Mrs Jones is an advocate for her constituents in that area; I commend her for it.

I also thank Mr Coe, who is the shadow minister for transport, for his work in this area and in advocating for road enhancements, not just in this area but across our city. We saw recent announcements about the flyover on the Barton Highway and the duplication of Gundaroo Drive, and we will see others as well.

I am glad the government supports this motion today. This is a section of road that needs to be updated. It needs to be duplicated. The government’s own figures support that. Unfortunately, what we have seen from this government is promises. They say they are going to do things and often that does not come to fruition. Things do not get the funding promised. I could cite many examples. It could be the secure mental health facility that was promised years ago and has only now started because of pressure. There is the bush healing farm that took so long. There is the upgrade of the Canberra Hospital—$800 million that has just disappeared into the ether. This government’s history in terms of road duplication has been abysmal. The GDE stands as probably the starkest example: this government failed to duplicate a road in time to meet growing demands and pressure on that road.

It is part of our role to put pressure on a government, to make sure they deliver. We will continue to do that. As I made clear when we announced this policy the other day, if the government does not get this done, we will.

Let me turn to Mr Rattenbury’s announcement. His speech—it is worth reading it for members that are interested in ideology—was dripping with ideology. He literally used the words “end of the world” in his speech. He talked about wanting to see fewer cars. He accused the Canberra Liberals, in wanting to duplicate a road that is facing increased pressure as Mr Gentleman outlined of 1960s’ thinking. If duplicating a road is 1960s’ thinking, your light rail is 1850s’ thinking. It is the sort of ideology we do not need in the debate. What we need is forward thinking, not that sort of ideological thinking. If anyone is stuck in the past, it is Mr Rattenbury. It is extraordinary that he said—this is another quote from his speech, Madam Speaker—that this seems to only get enthusiasm if it is in our electorate.

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