Page 2338 - Week 08 - Wednesday, 5 August 2015

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Madam Assistant Speaker, you said that I was blaming the federal government for what is happening across the world. I am rather pointing out the obvious, that each country needs to play its part. What is that saying about the weak link in the chain? I am pleased that you, Madam Assistant Speaker, have not joined the bandwagon in decrying wind farms and espousing the value of coal. There is no doubt about the elegance of wind turbines and they are certainly much more pleasant to look at than a pile of black coal or a landscape scarred by a mine. However, I cannot support your amendment.

Mr Rattenbury is correct. Our Prime Minister’s attitude towards coal and renewable energy is bizarre. I think Mr Gentleman makes an important point when he talks about the community support of renewable energy and the strategies to assist us all to find a way to face the reality of climate change. Before I came into this place I saw local community initiatives springing up in the suburbs near where I lived, initiatives that they could use to slow down climate change and show them that as a community they were able to tackle this problem and truly they get it.

What this government is continuing to do is to forward think—forward thinking with regard to renewable energy measures and forward thinking in relation to its targets. And yes, we are on track to achieve this.

I thank Minister Corbell for his support of my motion and I also thank him for his strong commitment to continue important investments in renewables. As Mr Corbell explained, the amendment does not throw any light on this subject but, rather, further muddies the waters and is just another example of the Liberals’ confused and, frankly, dangerous stunts. I urge members to support the motion.

Amendment negatived.

Motion agreed to.

Sub judice ruling and continuing resolution 10

Statement by Speaker

MADAM SPEAKER: Before I call on the Deputy Clerk to introduce the next matter, I flagged yesterday in administration and procedure that in relation to this motion I would be making some comments in relation to the sub judice rule in order to frame this debate. I would refer members to continuing resolution No 10 on sub judice, which is at page 103 of the standing orders. I will read the important bits:

Subject to the discretion of the Chair, and to the right of the Assembly to legislate on any matter or to discuss any matter, the Assembly in all its proceedings … shall apply the following rules on matters sub judice:

The important piece on this occasion is:

(1) Cases in which proceedings are active in the courts shall not be referred to in any motion, debate or question.

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