Page 2230 - Week 08 - Tuesday, 4 August 2015

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Planning and Development Act 2007—variations Nos 309 and 327 to the territory plan

Papers and statement by minister

MR GENTLEMAN (Brindabella—Minister for Planning, Minister for Roads and Parking, Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Minister for Children and Young People and Minister for Ageing): For the information of members, I present the following papers:

Planning and Development Act, pursuant to subsection 79(1)—Approvals of Variations to the Territory Plan, together with background papers, a copy of the summaries and reports, and a copy of any direction or report required—

No 309—Turner Bus Layover—Turner section 25 part block 8, dated 28 July 2015.

No 327—Capital Metro—Light Rail Stage 1—Gungahlin to Civic, dated 27 July 2015.

In accordance with the provisions of the act, these variations are presented with the background papers and copies of the summaries and reports. I ask leave to make a statement in relation to the papers.

Leave granted.

MR GENTLEMAN: I would like to present government responses to the standing committee reports on variations to the territory plan. These responses and the standing committee reports pertain to variation 309, the Turner bus layover, and variation 327, capital metro light rail stage 1, Gungahlin to the city. On 23 October 2014 the Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services started an inquiry on variation 309.

On 9 June 2015 the standing committee completed their report on variation 309. The standing committee made five recommendations for variation 309, one of which was that I approve it. The other four recommendations generally relate to the landscaping of this area of Turner, surrounding the bus layover site, and the ancillary works related to the bus layover development and have been adequately addressed in the report on consultation and changes made to variation 309. The government response to the standing committee report on variation 309 satisfactorily addresses the committee’s recommendation and I have tabled the government response for the information of members.

I now turn to the bus layover itself. Variation 309 signifies a vitally important part of Canberra’s public transport infrastructure. The location chosen by the extensive background studies demonstrates that it is the most suitable and efficient site for a bus layover facility. Variation 309 amends the Turner map and code and permits public transport facility as an assessable use on part block 8 section 25 in Turner so a bus layover can be developed. Variation 309 also removes the public land overlay meaning that when the site is developed for a bus layover and it will be consistent with maintenance rules and guidelines.

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