Page 1892 - Week 07 - Tuesday, 2 June 2015

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Mr Corbell: On the point of order, Madam Speaker, the minister is being directly relevant. She was just interrupted. She was about to give a direct indication of costs for the construction of a new school. If Mr Hanson is not interested in understanding the parameters around the costs of new school construction then it is hard for me to see how she can be directly relevant.

MADAM SPEAKER: I will remind the minister of the standing orders again and I will ask her to be directly relevant. I will remind her of the other provisions in the standing order. I hope that, in fact, the Minister for Health was prescient and that she was getting to the point.

MS BURCH: In fact, I was interrupted in saying the “price tag of”, and that is $47 million for the new preschool to year 6 school in Coombs. I would also remind those here in the Assembly that schools are different. You might build an early education school; you might build a preschool to year 6 school; you might build a P-10 school; you might build a college. We build a variety of schools that meet the community’s needs. We also refurbish schools. Mt Taylor, down in Kambah, has a most unfortunate—

Opposition members interjecting.

MADAM SPEAKER: Order, members! I cannot hear Minister Burch. Have you finished your answer?

Ms Burch: Yes.

MADAM SPEAKER: You sat down, so I assumed you had. A supplementary question.

MR DOSZPOT: Minister, how many new school classrooms could be built with $800 million?

MS BURCH: I refer to the investment in Coombs, for example, where we have open space learning. We might start the school with two streams then build it to three and four streams. It is not quite clear for those opposite that we meet the needs of the community through the different builds, the different designs and the different structures for our schools and our school community.

If you look at Harrison school, which goes right through to high school, we are growing that school from the early years—from the kinder years, the primary years, which have different requirements. When that school matures and has a full cohort of high school students, the school will change. The nature of the school will change and the requirements of the school will change.

Mr Hanson: Madam Speaker, again on a point of order, I make the point that the minister is able to clarify that 17 schools could be built. I ask her to give an equivalent number for classrooms, as she has been asked by the member.

Mr Corbell: That is not a point of order; that is a question.

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