Page 539 - Week 02 - Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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laudably—and they should be congratulated for the work that they have done over the years—to try to keep the Holt community park in good order. But they lose heart when there is no support from the government.

One member of the Holt community group said the depression under the swing was so big that little kids cannot get on the swings anymore. He told me that the gardens in the area had never been watered and as a result the plants were struggling. They are doing the weeding, they are trying to keep the plants up, but they do not have the capacity to water. If they had the capacity to water we would have a much better Holt community park.

There are places all around the area where there are informal paths. Informal paths indicate to most people that that is where people need a path. If there is a track worn through a suburb, that is where people need a path and something should be done about it. There are places on Southern Cross Drive opposite Ross Smith Crescent which children going to schools in Florey use on a regular basis but where nothing will be done to formalise the paths.

These are just a small sample of the kind of feedback I have been getting. As I said earlier, a cursory drive around Belconnen or a walk with or without your dog will show just how tired and bedraggled the area has become.

One issue that I am particularly concerned about is the build-up of fire fuel in areas like the Ginninderra Creek corridor, which after the 2003 bushfires was given a great deal of attention but which has not had very much attention lately.

But the thing about this is that the people of Belconnen are paying royally for very bad services. Just as an example, people in Aranda have gone from paying $1,678 on average in 2010-11 for their rates to $2,351 in 2014-15, an increase of 40 per cent over four years. Macquarie has increased 26 per cent, Macgregor 10 per cent and McKellar 25 per cent. There is a whole lot of revenue coming out of Belconnen and the people of Belconnen are not getting the services they need.

DR BOURKE (Ginninderra) (6.11): I am delighted to hear that Mrs Dunne has noticed that I sent a brochure out to residents in Belconnen telling them what the government has been doing for them. I will just take a bit of time to list those things because Mrs Dunne does not seem to think it is a good idea that we actually go out and tell our constituents what we are doing.

Mrs Dunne: You have just got to tell them the truth, Chris.

Ms Burch: On a point of order, there was an interjection from Mrs Dunne implying that Dr Bourke was, indeed, not truthful to the community. I ask for that to be withdrawn.

Mr Wall: On the point of order, Madam Assistant Speaker, Mrs Dunne did not make a reference to Dr Bourke not telling the truth but made reference to his flyer not telling the truth.

Mrs Dunne: I withdraw, Madam Assistant Speaker.

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