Page 448 - Week 02 - Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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The fact remains that the board demonstrated good governance in reporting the breach to the ORS and hopes that recent negative media does not suppress the responsibility of other organisations to demonstrate responsibility and integrity.

It is now time for Mr Hanson to show his responsibility and integrity. In closing, it is also a chance for the Canberra Liberals to really understand and to demonstrate some basic fundamentals—charity, humility and forgiveness—because I believe my son has them in spades and Mr Hanson has none of them.

MR CORBELL (Molonglo—Deputy Chief Minister, Attorney-General, Minister for Health, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Capital Metro) (11.03): I think the Chief Minister and Minister Burch have outlined amply why there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate the spurious claims, imputed or otherwise, in the motion we see from the Leader of the Opposition this morning—no evidence whatsoever.

The facts are very simple. Minister Burch, on the public record in this place, has said she sought no advantage or consideration in any improper way. The Menslink board have confirmed that is the case. Minister Burch said she did not do it; Menslink said she did not do it. It did not happen. Everything else is innuendo and speculation, without evidence.

It is remarkable, I have to say, that throughout this debate, in the serious allegations and the professed concern that we hear from the Liberal Party about the impact on Menslink, they have not once referred to what the Menslink board said in their statement issued this morning—not once. You would have thought that would be a key piece of evidence in Mr Hanson’s political attack today. He would have had the community organisations saying: “Yes, we agree. Yes, this is a real problem and a concern for us. And, yes, there are questions to be answered.” Unfortunately for Mr Hanson, Menslink say none of those things. They have been consistent and accurate throughout.

I have been a member of this place since 1997. I have never, in all of my time here, seen a member of a member’s family dragged into the political debate in the tawdry, vile and reprehensible manner that we have seen from the Leader of the Opposition today and over the last week. I have never seen a member, a member’s family, their son or their daughter dragged into tawdry political debate in an environment where they cannot answer, where they cannot say what happened. I have never seen it. I did not think I would ever see it, but we have seen it today.

Look at how strongly the Liberals feel about this! Mr Hanson cannot even muster his full team to be here for what is a fundamental issue, according to him. His deputy has been absent throughout this debate. Where is their commitment if they feel so strongly about it? If they feel so strongly about it, why aren’t they there backing their leader? Why aren’t they there? I have never seen such a serious motion moved with the opposition benches half empty. I have never seen it. In the same way, I have never seen the family of an MLA dragged into debate in this place for tawdry, grubby political ends. It is a disgusting step.

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